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Raising Sleeping Stones Review

Raising Sleeping Stones
The Orora Crona Chronicles, Book One
middle grade fantasy by P.H.T. Bennet

About the Book:

Title: Raising Sleeping Stones (The Orora Crona Chronicles, Book One) | Author: P.H.T. Bennet | Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy | Number of Pages: 364 | Publisher: DreamKeeper Publishing | Publication Date: December 4, 2014

Book Description:
Winner of a 2013 Newbury Comics Award!

When sisters Kiva and DeeDee Stone discover a mysterious plot that threatens them and everything they care about, they have to take a crash course in the ancient art of DreamKeeping to survive. As two elder DreamKeepers lead them up the Varruvyen river to the Eyle of Return, they show the girls how to gain dream powers greater than anything they had ever imagined. But can they become strong enough to face the monsters that haunt their dreams at night, strong enough to fight the enemies that draw nearer each day? The answer lies somewhere in the broken history of Orora Crona, the Valley of Dreams lost centuries ago, and whoever can piece it together first will rule for centuries to come.

My Review

If you love adventure and strange new worlds, then you'll enjoy Raising Sleeping Stones, the first book in the Orora Crona Chronicles. P.H.T. Bennet expertly depicts a fantasy world with an oppressive society where people are expected to work hard and not think too much. They work so hard that they don't even have time to remember their dreams from the night before and their culture teaches them that dreams are useless.

Kiva discovers that she and her little sister are in danger, for no apparent reason, and together they run away to safety. They are not safe for long and must keep on moving, but the sisters still don't know why they are being hunted. They are helped by adults who defy the accepted culture by believing in dreams and teaching the girls about the power of dreams and the DreamKeepers.

There is a lot to be learned through this exciting adventure story. It teaches self-confidence and creative thinking. It explains reasons for why we dream at night. It describes the value of the arts and the trades and how they intertwine. There is also an app to explore the story and have your own skills tested with over two hours of original music.

Raising Sleeping Stones is a middle grade fantasy story that even adults will enjoy. I recommend it for boys and girls from the age of 10 and up.

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What others have to say...

"Raising Sleeping Stones is a beautiful visual/musical tale about confidence and creative thinking." - Stephanie R. (Amazon)

"Great adventure tale that is both coming-of-age story and testimony to the power of dreams." - Thomas G. (Amazon)

"I was enthralled by this book from beginning to end. Truly connected with the intent and purpose behind the story, as well as the strong concept of dealing with dreams. I would definitely recommend this app..." - Amazon Reviewer

"Both allegorically and psychologically the author deftly explores the richness of young people's emotional lives. I read this story both in its app form and on Kindle. The book is beautifully illustrated and in its app form adds a great sound track. A wonderful book!" - Edward D. (Amazon)

About the Author:
P.H.T. Bennet

P.H.T. Bennet began exploring his dreams when he was a child and has never bothered to stop. He had the good luck to have two daughters, Juliette and Paola, who not only served as the inspirations for DeeDee and Kiva, the main characters of Raising Sleeping Stones, but also helped him turn their family dreamwork sessions into this book. His lucky streak grew when he married his lovely wife, Mim, who tolerates his turning on a light in the middle of the night to write down ever-crazier dreams and talking about them in the morning as long as he lets her sleep in, first. His favorite dreams involve flying, visiting the dead, and replaying nightmares until they reveal their secrets.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book for my honest review.

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