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3 Free eBooks by Author K.C. May

3 FREE eBooks by Author K.C. May!
I'm excited to introduce the accomplished
young adult fantasy writer, K.C. May.

The Kinshield Legacy

The Kinshield Legacy: An epic fantasy adventure (The Kinshield Saga Book 1) by [May, K.C.]

About the Book:

Title: The Kinshield Legacy | Author: K.C. May | Publisher: Peach Orchard Press | Genre: Epic Fantasy | Pages: 378

Book Description:

A blacksmith abducted. An enchanted sword stolen. A deep secret coming to light. As Gavin Kinshield unravels the mystery surrounding the king's disappearance, his strongest convictions are tested by his greatest fears. His journey of rescue and recovery is wrought with peril, but the worst is yet to come.

If you like fierce action, flawed & unforgettable heroes, and fast-paced, gritty epic fantasy, you'll love KC May's exciting mix of swords, sorcery, adventure, and mystery.

My Review:

The Kinshield Legacy is a fluid tale of fantasy, adventure, and a touch of romance. The hero, Gavin Kinshield, isn't perfect, but he stands firm in what he believes. He is haunted by memories of the past and uncertain of his ability to be anything more than a warrant knight.

The strong female character in the story is Daia Saberheart. This wasn't the name that she was born with. She both earned and chose it as a lady of the Sisterhood with a couple of years of experience completing missions for the order.

The characters are certainly interesting and believable. The pace is fast with several twists. The fight scenes are well described without being too long or too many. There are some sexual innuendos, but no explicit adult content. I am looking forward to reading more books in the series!

Sole Sacrifice
a novella

Sole Sacrifice (a novella) (The Kinshield Saga) by [May, K. C.]

About the Book:

Title: Sole Sacrifice (a novella) | Author: K.C. May | Publisher: Peach Orchard Press | Genre: Fantasy | Pages: 68

Book Description:

Sithral Tyr watched helplessly while three of his children died of a strange illness. When his last remaining son falls ill, he gives up on his clan's shaman and, amid protests from the clan chief and his neighbors, Tyr sets out to find a cure for his son. His journey takes him to a land of danger and debauchery where he's forced to make the ultimate sacrifice in the hopes of saving not just his son but his entire clan.

My Review:

Sole Sacrifice is a novella and companion story to The Kinshield Legacy, Book 1 of The Kinshield Saga. It's a very moving and fast paced tale of how Sithral Tyr became the man that he portrays in Book 1. It's a great addition to the series and worth reading!

Song of the Sea Spirit

Song of the Sea Spirit (The Mindstream Chronicles Book 1) by [May, K.C.]

About the Book:

Title: Song of the Sea Spirit | Author: K.C. May | Publisher: Peach Orchard Press | Genre: Epic Fantasy | Pages: 300

Book Description:

She never planned to change the world. Now she has a chance to save it.
Jora Lanseri always planned on fulfilling her duty. She was to be a wife and mother, nothing more. But when justice officials discover she has the uncommon ability to enter the Mindstream, allowing her to witness any event in the past or present, her fate changes for good.

Whisked away to a new life in the capital, Jora begins her training as a Truth Sayer. Her new world turns terrifying when she witnesses a shocking crime with world-shattering implications.

Faced with losing her family, Jora must solve the crime in addition to an ancient mystery at the bottom of the sea. As an unlikely ally supplies her with answers, she must summon every ounce of her strength and courage to save everyone she loves.

Song of the Sea Spirit is an imaginative epic fantasy that keeps you guessing until the very end. If you like relatable characters, imaginative new magic systems, and fantastic twists, then you’ll love the first installment of K.C. May’s Mindstream Chronicles.

My Review:

Song of the Sea Spirit is a new epic fantasy series by author K.C. May. The stone dolphin and wooden flute on the cover can give an impression of a gentle and soothing story, but it's far from it! In fact, it leans more toward dark fantasy than anything else.

Jora Lanseri is a free spirit with her own idealistic notions. She prefers avoiding conflict, but when push comes to shove, she doesn't back down, especially if it's important to her. My favorite part of the story was watching Jora develop in her mystical skills and the unique way she learns the language of the sea spirit.

A lot of effort was put into the anthropology side of K.C. May's world building. For example, the marriage ritual and the age that young women can get married seemed contradictory until I read it through a second time. That's how much detail there was that I had to study it a bit to get the full understanding.

Something I noticed, and it made me cringe a few times, was that K.C. May's writing lacks euphemisms. She isn't shy to call bodily functions what they are. Something to be aware of is that the story contains lots of violence and some parts are even traumatic. The mystery that involves the tree and its fruit adds a good amount of suspense. Overall, it was a good read with a satisfactory ending that leaves a few loose ends for the series to continue.

About the Author:
K.C. May

K.C. May

KC May's first novel, The Kinshield Legacy, was published by a small press in 2005, the same year she attended the Viable Paradise writing workshop for speculative fiction authors. Her acclaimed epic fantasy series The Kinshield Saga has reached #12 overall on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list. She is currently writing a new series, The Mindstream Chronicles, and coauthoring a third, The Dragons of Kudare, with the fabulous India Drummond. Her novel Inhuman Salvation was a #1 bestselling science fiction novel on Amazon. She also writes romance under the pen name Alane Hudson.

KC earned a B.A. in Russian from Florida State University before moving to Taiwan to study Mandarin and teach English. She spent twenty-four years in the Arizona desert saving homeless Rottweilers, writing technical manuals, programming computers, and cooking eggs on the pavement. There she also explored a bunch of different hobbies, such as backpacking, downhill skiing, martial arts, motorcycling, airbrush painting, and skydiving. When she couldn't take the Phoenix heat anymore, she fled back to the South and currently lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Disclosure: I initially received all 3 books from the author in exchange for an honest review. I also grabbed copies from Amazon Kindle when they were offered for free.

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