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Free Epic Fantasy - The Elusive Heir

Introducing a New Epic
Fantasy Series by Rin Grey

Guarding Honour
Prophecy Unravelled Book 0

Guarding Honour (Prophecy Unravelled Book 0) by [Grey, Rin]

About the Book:

Title: Guarding Honour | Author: Rin Grey | Genre: Sword and Sorcery | Pages: 42 | Recommended Age: Young Adult

Book Description:

A short story set in the Prophecy Unravelled world.

When you’ve been quiet too long, risk can be its own reward.

City Guard Digger hangs onto his honour fiercely, despite realising that laws he enforces are just a charade. Until his captain orders him to do the unthinkable: kill a man without trial.

His refusal could cost him everything, including his life. But honour wins. Pursued by his fellow guards, he has no chance of escape.

Until she arrives.

She saves his life.

Will he find the courage to change his life for the better?

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My Review:

Guarding Honour was a great introduction to a new epic fantasy series by Rin Grey called Prophecy Unravelled. This prequel has plenty of action and meaningful characters. You find out how Digger meets the powerful mage Elizabeth and why he decides to stick with her. It also gives you a deeper look at Elizabeth and how she cares about people who have been wronged. This short story is appropriate for young adults and up.

Elusive Heir
Prophecy Unravelled Book 1

Elusive Heir (Prophecy Unravelled Book 1) by [Grey, Rin]

About the Book:

Title: Elusive Heir | Author: Rin Grey | Genre: Epic Fantasy | Pages: 110 | Recommended Age: New Adult

Book Description:

Runaway. Outcast. Renegade.

A powerful family's only hope of finding their missing child.

Fifty years ago, Elizabeth's untrained magic nearly killed her family. The only way to keep them safe was to run as far as she could. Now she's back, in control, and hiding powerful secrets.

Seventy three years of experience and regret, in a magically enhanced, twenty five year old body, Elizabeth is the only one who can find and bring back her family's heir.

Her grandson.

To bring him home, she's going to have to return to the Dome and face up to the people who taught her to control her magic, and then rejected her.

The people who now have a desperate plan for her fate.

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My Review:

Elusive Heir is the first book in Rin Grey's new epic fantasy series called Prophecy Unravelled. The story moves quickly with a good amount of magic, adventure, intrigue, and lost loves (familial and romantic). The characters are complex, creating an interest to learn more about them. This is not a stand-alone book, so be prepared to commit to the series. I am certainly looking forward to reading more. Please note that the content is geared towards new adults and up.

About the Author:
Rin Grey

Rin Grey

Rin Grey is the fantasy pen name for romance author Rinelle Grey. Her stories have the same overall feeling and eventual happily ever after, as well as a strong romantic theme, but don’t necessarily meet all the typical romance conventions. Characters may betray other characters, cheat, or go through more than one partner over the course of the story. If these bother you, I’d recommend you click away now!

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