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Paranormal Misfits Box Set and a Linky

Paranormal Misfits Box Set
by C.J. Anaya
Paranormal Misfits Box Set Books 1-3: Allies Of The Fae Realm by [Anaya, C.J.]

About the Box Set:

Title: Paranormal Misfits Box Set Books 1-3 (Allies Of The Fae Realm) | Author: C.J. Anaya | Pages: 641 | Genre: Fantasy Romance | Recommended Ages: Young Adult and Up

Box Set Description:

It's not every day a teenage girl is singled out for assassination.

Crysta has come to accept the fact that she is freakishly different. Her shocking white hair, creepy powers, and weird eating habits have prevented her from fitting in with her various foster families. Now that she is fully emancipated and providing for herself, she hopes that life will settle down and become something halfway normal.

Her hopes are shattered when a dangerous man with lethal intent breaks into her apartment, but this enticing stranger isn't what he seems. Is he here to kill her or protect her from others who will?

This series is a fae romance series that will not disappoint. If you love fae queens, mermaids, dark elves, satyrs, nymphs, fae realms, romance, devilishly handsome fae kings, magic, and mayhem then you will love this series.

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My Review:

My Fair Assassin (Book 1) is a young adult fantasy romance with a good looking assassin named Jareth who is sent to kill Crysta, a mere teenager. But Jareth soon discovers that she isn't a threat to his kingdom and decides to become her protector instead. Crysta thinks she's human, but she's never been able to fit in. The story is entertaining with some suspense and intrigue. It has some deeper themes like kids in the foster system who have to learn how to look out for themselves and to accept yourself including the things that make you different.

In My Fair Traitor (Book 2), Jareth and Crysta's love is put to the test. Both want what's best for each other, but neither win in the end, because he is poisoned and she is kidnapped by someone she thought she could trust. One of the themes in this book is that all races have equal value and Crysta's mission is to help all fae and humans living in the realm. Crysta also opens up to Jareth about a childhood trauma in this story.

My Fair Impostor (Book 3) is a more sinister story. Crysta's captor is willing to use any form of manipulation to convince her that she needs him and that marrying him will help her save the fae realm. It's distressing, because Crysta should know better. She grew up in the foster system on earth and would be able to pick up on body language and words that don't match with what she's being told, but her captor uses magic to keep her reliant on him. Jareth never gives up searching for her, but will he find her in time and how will she react after the lies that she's been told about him? The story continues in My Fair Invader (Book 4).

About the Author:
C.J. Anaya

C.J. Anaya is a USA Today bestselling and multi-award winning author. She also enjoys assisting authors in writing, publishing, and marketing their books with her helpful non-fiction guides on Amazon and her YouTube channel Author Journey.

She's a huge fan of The Mindy Project, Hugh Jackman, and binge eating any and all things chocolate. Who isn't, right?

As a mother of four awesome children, C.J. is usually helping out with homework, fixing dance recital costumes, or delivering her kids to their karate classes so they can learn discipline, respect, and "...kick some serious butt, mom." She loves writing entertaining reads for everyone to enjoy, and dabbles in singing and songwriting for kicks and giggles. Making out with her deliciously handsome Latin Lover-her hubby-is by far her most favorite extracurricular activity.



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