Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Two Sneak Peeks and a Linky

Charity Anthology

Last week I mentioned helping with two anthologies for Ukrainian refugees. My epic romantic fantasy short story "Wayfinders: The Novice: Amity and Paxton's Story" will be in Fierce Hearts. All the stories are romantic fantasy or fantasy romance with strong female lead characters. Both anthologies should be available for sale by the end of the month. All profits will go towards helping the Ukrainian refugees. I'll tell you more once I know more. 

In the meantime, I have two sneak peeks for you!

"Amity and Paxton’s Story" is taken from my novella, The Novice, a prequel to my epic romantic fantasy series, Wayfinders. Amity is thirteen, from a small town, and a new novice at the temple. Paxton is fifteen and the grandson of the high priest and priestess. The novella has two more characters, a lord and a princess, and is nearly finished. The Princess (Book 1) takes place three hundred years after the prequel and is coming along nicely.

Excerpt from Amity's Point of View:

Amity had just finished braiding her hair when she blinked in surprise. Felicia, who had been peacefully sleeping moments before, was suddenly fully dressed and putting on her slippers. “Wow, you’re fast!”

Like Amity, Felicia was dressed in the novice’s winter uniform. A linen shift, drawstring drawers, woolen petticoat, and woolen stockings were worn under a blue woolen ankle-length dress, with a darker blue shawl added for extra warmth. The uniform might be considered a great equalizer for two novices from totally different backgrounds, but Felicia, coming from a well-to-do family in the city, still managed to put on airs, treating Amity like a backward country girl.

Felicia gave a final tug to her long auburn braid and headed for the door. Looking back over her shoulder, she sniffed, “And you’ve been standing there daydreaming. Anyway, it’s too cold to dally. I’m heading to the privy. Make sure there’s fresh wash water by the time I get back.”

Amity narrowed her eyes at Felicia’s retreating figure until the door shut with a firm, and somehow very Felicia-like click. Fetching wash water every morning was one of the daily tasks allocated to her by Felicia, who Amity had discovered was a little bit of a bossy-boots. Amity had begun calling her “Princess Fee Fee.” But only in her head.

Excerpt from Paxton’s Point of View:

Those who were leaving loved ones behind were encouraged to write letters. Those who had volunteered to stay behind would send them, once everyone had made it across the border. It was safer to say their goodbyes that way.

It’s what Paxton’s roommate, Henry, was doing that afternoon when they both had a bit of free time. Paxton resented watching Henry write letters to loved ones who weren’t in any danger. They usually got along well, so this brewing hostility toward his friend took Paxton by surprise.

He might as well walk around the courtyard’s colonnade instead of fuming in his room. Hopefully, he wouldn’t see anyone who wanted to engage him in conversation. It was common for others to ask him about the latest happenings or how he was doing and these past weeks had become almost unbearable, as someone always seemed ready to corner him. Thankfully, he was adept at making excuses for why he wasn’t available to stop and chat.

Making his way along the peristyle, Paxton was relieved to see the walkways were mostly clear of people. Exercise and fresh air were what he needed until he noticed the new novice with the unusual ash-colored hair. She was playing with several young children in the courtyard, children who belonged to some of the ordained couples. Hearing her easy laughter rankled him. How could she carry on like there was nothing bad happening? His anger spiked so much that he made a sharp turn and went back inside through the closest available door.


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  1. That is so very cool. Very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  2. Oh I love this, Tina! What a wonderful way to help support Ukrainian refugees!



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