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The Courage of a Samurai

The Courage of a Samurai:
Seven Sword-Sharp Principles for Success
by Lori Tsugawa Whaley
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About the Book


Title: The Courage of a Samurai: Seven Sword-Sharp Principles for Success | Author: Lori Tsugawa Whaley | Publisher: Aviva Publishing | Publication Date: January 21, 2016 | Genre: Motivational | Number of Pages: 264

Book Description:

The Courage of a Samurai is a Japanese American's journey into bushido, the samurai's code of ethics. Each chapter features a timeless message about Japanese and Japanese Americans who applied the principles of courage, integrity, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor, and loyalty to overcome life's challenges, and emerge stronger individuals.

The Courage of a Samurai provides the reader a look ‘inside’ this ancient code through the lives of inspiring individuals. Why did Chiune Sugihara, aka the Japanese Schindler, save the lives of Polish and Lithuanian Jews during World War II against the orders of the Japanese and Lithuanian governments? Understand the meaning of Honor in Saigo Takamori’s, aka The Last Samurai, determination to preserve the samurai’s way of life. Learn why “Go for Broke!” was the motto of the famous World War II all-Nisei 100th/442ndRCT, and discover why this simple motto reflects the essence of the way of the warrior.

The Code of Bushido can guide us through the challenges we all face, and inspire us to live a life of honor, courage, and integrity in today’s fast-paced and changing world. Sharpen your sword, and let the journey begin!


What others are saying...

"Bushido might be a Japanese culture, but I now realize that many of its aspects have universal values and appeals. I recommend this book to anyone who seeks inspirations to be a better person who can think beyond his/her personal and cultural boundaries." - Amazon Review

"Inspiring and clear. Wonderful stories that relate basic life principles in a way anyone can enjoy and follow." - Amazon Review 

"A very special and thoughtfully written book, that is a 'must read', for all, who want to reflect on their lives and learn how to make it better......especially, knowing there are those who have gone before us, making sacrifices we may have forgotten or fail to recognize." - Amazon Review 

"Ms. Whaley's book is one of the most inspirational that I ever read. She takes the story of the brave Japanese American soldiers of World War II, and uses their story to inspire her modern readers. I could not put the book down! It was gripping, passionate, intense, and beautiful all at the same time! I recommend this to anyone and everyone." - Chris Brusatte

The Courage of a Samurai –
An Excerpt:

Webster describes courage as mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. In Japanese, yuuki is the kanji for the English word courage. Kanji is the ancient Japanese form of writing originally derived from the Chinese characters or ideograms. These ideograms were used to represent thoughts or objects. The combination of ideograms provided a means to convey more complex concepts, thoughts, ideas or expression. This word yuuki is composed of two characters. The first kanji yuu means bravery or heroism. The second kanji ki means spirit or mind. Combined they give the Japanese equivalent of the English word courage. Yuuki is literally translated bravery of spirit.

It’s what my mom and dad called having guts; the ability to act, to take a chance, to engage…because deep inside there is something telling you there is more. There is something that everybody else overlooks: a chance to seize an opportunity or to just plain do what is right.

This concept of courage is the ability to confront hardship or danger and act rightly in the face of it. On occasion, this could entail ridicule, loss of relationships, personal and financial distress, imprisonment, and even death. What does it take to carry on with courage in the face of adversity? Why do some people have the tenacity to risk physical, mental, or personal danger to triumph over hardship?

There are different aspects of courage that range from risk of physical harm to mental endurance and resolve. Courage takes both physical and mental stamina to triumph over adversities. Courage is not reckless or negligent. One must take into consideration the dangers and risks involved in acting with courage. The courageous weigh the risks, and then act for the service of a greater cause.

About the Author:
Lori Tsugawa Whaley


Lori Tsugawa Whaley is an author, professional keynote speaker and life coach. Lori is a third generation Japanese-American baby boomer and a descendant of the samurai warrior; she is on a mission to empower others to reach their God-given leadership potential no matter their path, heritage, or circumstances. Lori and her husband John reside in a Japanese-style home in the Pacific Northwest.

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