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A Wizard's Dark Dominion

A Wizard's Dark Dominion
The Gods and Kings Chronicles Book 1

A Wizard's Dark Dominion (The Gods and Kings Chronicles Book 1) by [Haywood, Lee H.]

About the Book:

Title: A Wizard's Dark Dominion (The Gods and Kings Chronicles Book 1) | Author: Lee H. Haywood | Pages: 278 | Genre: Dark Fantasy | Recommended Ages: Mature Young Adult and Up

Book Description:

Condemned for using a forbidden spell. Imprisoned in a cell buried deep beneath the earth. One wizard will make his captors regret their choice.

When Demetry, a promising young wizard at Taper Academy, discovers a fire-damaged book hidden in the headmaster's study, he can't contain his excitement. The book is the Paserani Haote, an ancient spell book that contains the original teachings of the gods. Eager for a challenge, Demetry delves into the book's dark arts. But when he fails to control the book's most treacherous spell, it sets off a deadly chain of events that rocks Taper Academy to its core.

Although Demetry's crime is punishable by death, his life is inexplicably spared. Instead of being sent to the gallows, he is sent to Coljack, a fortress prison built to house the kingdom's most dangerous criminals. After the prison warden begins to put Demetry through a series of brutal tests, Demetry realizes the prison isn't what it seems, and the key to survival might be his mysterious new cellmate, an ancient wizard who stole a weapon capable of reshaping the world from the king.

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My Review:

A Wizard's Dark Dominion is intense with a kingdom full of evil leaders and tainted heroes at best.  There's plenty of bloodshed and torture, not my typical read, but so well written and fast paced that it held my attention. Characters are key to making a good story and I wanted to know what would happen to them. There were fascinating fight scenes and a brilliant battle at the end, but it's not the end of the story! It's book one in The Gods and Kings Chronicles.

About the Author:

Lee H. Haywood

Lee H. Haywood is the author of The Gods and Kings Chronicles. After majoring in history, Lee spent his days serving his community as a high school history teacher, while at night he honed his craft as a writer. His first book, THE GUARDIAN, came out in December of 2015 and became a featured story on Wattpad, eventually garnering over 60,000 reads. Lee currently lives in Arizona with his wife and dog. When not writing Lee enjoys playing soccer, tinkering with Photoshop, and exploring the world.

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