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Striking Midnight ~ A Cinderella Retelling

Striking Midnight
by Jennifer Ellision

Striking Midnight: A Reimagining of Cinderella as an Assassin (Fairy Tale Lies, Spies, and Assassins Book 1) by [Ellision, Jennifer]

About the Book:

Title: Striking Midnight (Fairy Tale Lies, Spies, and Assassins Book 1) | Author: Jennifer Ellision | Pages: 200 | Genre: Fairy Tale | Recommend Ages: Young Adult and up

Book Description:

What if Cinderella was sent to kill Prince Charming?

Dawn will break. And she will rise...

When the Noctisian King passed, the Daylight Accord crumbled. Now, the Kingdom of Noctis exists in darkness and unending night, while their neighbors slowly roast.

The sun never sets on Sol.

The former prince of Noctis refuses to honor the bargain his father made with the Solian rulers and both kingdoms suffer without the balance the other brings. But when the time comes for King Knox to choose a bride, Sol sends forth their best contender: Princess Cyndria.

Cyn is beautiful. Poised. Demure… and deadly. Trained by Solian assassins since she was old enough to grasp a knife, she knows exactly how she’ll enchant the King.

And, once she’s queen… How she’ll end him.

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My Review:

This story was thrilling, but starts out slower and picks up the pace by Chapter 5. My heart was pounding by the end!

Princess Cyndria has been training as an assassin since she was little and knows how to kill. Her evil stepmother, the ruling regent of Sol, has plans for the princess. King Knox is seeking a bride and the kingdom of Sol sends out its best contender and most secret weapon. The choosing of his bride plays out like a bachelor reality TV show with many women competing. That part has some fun moments, but there's danger too. There are some tense moments between Cyn and Knox. The chemistry is also hot, but not steamy.

This series is young adult appropriate. It stops at a good point, but the story isn't finished. There's more to come and I can't wait!

Disclosure: I received an eARC and this is my honest and voluntary review.

About the Author:
Jennifer Ellision

Jennifer Ellision

Bestselling and award-winning author Jennifer Ellision writes about daring young women in magical worlds. She survives on a steady diet of books, podcasts, and her favorite magical tropes. Jennifer frequently wakes up early to work before she has to "people" and can often be found squirreled away in her office, getting some writing done--or in her local library, agonizing over revisions.

If all else fails, look under the covers. She's probably hiding out with a good young adult fantasy series.

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