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Her Billionaire Professor and Her Billionaire Lifeguard

Her Billionaire Professor

Her Billionaire Professor (Vacation Billionaires Book 2) by [Summers, Sophia]

About the Book:

Title: Her Billionaire Professor | Author: Sophia Summers | Pages: 129 | Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

Shawna tried not to notice the man with the tanned skin and striking green eyes.

But when he assigns the papers and hands out the tests all summer long, ignoring him isn't an option.

Finally finishing her degree she started and fitting in two months in Italy on a University study abroad was more than she thought possible when cancer put everything in her life on hold two years ago. But now that she'd met the professor, she was pretty sure this summer would break her heart or get him fired.

Read Her Billionaire Professor for a sweet, heart felt story of a man who is way more than he seems and a woman who longs to know him but feels like she can't.

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My Review:

This is one of my favorite contemporary romances that I've read this year. I read it with a grin plastered on my face! It was that enjoyable! The chemistry and feels are all there plus some. What took it to the next level was all the detail about the study abroad trip and the sites visited in Italy. I have been to Italy a couple of times and seen some of the places, but that was so long ago that I read this story with tourist eyes and found it very interesting. Sophia Summers also gave just enough information to get a feel for the locations without overly elaborating.

Shawna and Dex are both dynamic characters. The book is very much written in the present and so we don't get much backstory to them. However, I got a better idea of Dex's life before they met than I did of Shawna's. I would like to know how she became the confident young woman that she is besides having survived a life-threatening disease. With Dex's name, I thought that it should be short for something a bit more extravagant. I also thought that the yacht would be in a few more scenes, since it kept getting mentioned.

The end was too quick! I was actually shocked when I turned the page to discover it was finished. Normally, I would minus a star from the rating for something like that, but I didn't feel totally cheated. If you're looking for a clean romance with all the feels, then this book will probably delight you as much as it did me!

Her Billionaire Lifeguard

Her Billionaire Lifeguard (Vacation Billionaires Book 1) by [Summers, Sophia]

About the Book:

Title: Her Billionaire Lifeguard | Author: Sophia Summers | Pages: 134 | Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

Mistaken Identity. A woman in hiding. And a man who is determined to win her over.

She won't even glance his way. Uninterested. Until she thinks he's just the lifeguard. Go figure.

Then Trey discovers she's really the daughter of his deceased hero and business mentor. He will stop at nothing to help her even if it means pretending to be the hotel staff and hanging out in a local dive.

But trust is hard won when you've seen betrayal and right when she needs him most, Trey might be on the outs forever.

Join us in this story of charming Mexican vacation spots, humorous romantic moments, and a romance chockfull of heart warming efforts to win over the love of this billionaire's life. Grab your copy.

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My Review:

If you're looking for some wonderful escapism in a clean romance, then look no further! Her Billionaire Lifeguard has it all with fun characters, great chemistry, descriptive settings, interesting plotline, and moves at a good pace. Sophia Summers makes her readers feel like they're on vacation too! I thought the ending wrapped up too quickly and easily, but the entire story had me hooked.

About the Author:
Sophia Summers

Sophia Summers

Billionaires, Royals, Marriages of convenience, Cowboys, and Spies. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Sophia Summers is an award winning author who just wants to relax a little and enjoy a great beach read. She lives in a quiet southern town brimming with an extra dose of hospitality and a whole lot of charm.

She writes historical romance under a different name. You can follow her on Be SURE to join her Newsletter for freebies and fun.

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