Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Last Week's Drama and a Linky

You might be wondering what happened to me last week! My husband and I had been experiencing stress from an outside source and then our computer went on the fritz! The photos that I needed for my blog posts were on it, so I was stuck without them. I'm normally an upbeat person, but I realized that I wasn't doing well and asked to take a day off from my volunteer reading job at the Blind Institute. I was given the rest of the week off and only went back on Monday! The computer needing to go in for repairs at the same time was just an added blessing. It was scary not knowing what condition it was in, but I made up my mind to give it to the Lord and not to worry about it.

I'm able to do today's weekly blog post, because we got our computer back a few days ago with all our stuff saved in a backup folder! I'm still having to organize the files and some things are different to what I am used to, but the computer is running smoothly and even better than before. My husband also published his first book over the weekend! He has now joined the ranks of indie publishers. His book is called Dismantling Dispensationalism: A guide to better understanding the Last Days and the End Times. Most of what he writes about is making Revelation relevant. The book blurb states: This book is aimed at debunking the popular, but errant end-time views of dispensationalism and establishing a better biblical interpretation.

Hubby walking Ziggy

Jeremiah and Amanda

Amanda, Jessica, and Jeremiah

Jeremiah and Ziggy


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