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My Writing Journey - Part 6

I hope you enjoyed reading all of Chapter 1 last week. Today I am sharing the first half of Chapter 4. I have included links below if you missed any of my previous sneak peeks.

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Here is today's sneak peek:
Chapter 4 - Part 1

Myra didn’t have too many options ahead of her. Returning to the city was out of the question, not after meeting with Damien again. She thought of the letter that she had left in the solar that morning for her sister. In it, she spoke of how she needed her sister’s love but that she couldn’t live without Damien’s either. She didn’t realize then that she would be losing both.

She walked with defeated steps to where her horse was waiting. What would she do now? Thankfully, she had taken provision for a long journey, not knowing where Damien lived and how far they would need to travel. Hopefully, her preparedness would stand in good stead.

When she got to the mare, she double-checked to make sure everything was in place. Her two waterproof saddlebags were packed full with as many items of necessity as she could bring, such as an extra cloak, food, a small pot, flint, and kindling. Her axe head was wrapped in a protective leather cover. It was strapped on top of her blanket, which was rolled in a broad hemp sheet behind the saddle. At the moment, both saddlebags were unwieldy. The bags would lighten and become more manageable as she ate through her food.

She had two full waterskins that she would need to refill along the way. Her mare was also going to need fresh water to drink, preferably daily. One thing that she had read while preparing for this journey was that horses could find water. Myra would allow her mare a certain amount of freedom to lead the way. She knew that, as long as they were heading away from the Azure Mountains, they would arrive at some point along the Azure River. Its path began in the mountains and eventually emptied into Lake Sady, separating Livania from Fulsan and Bariny.

Fulsan was a savage country with dangerous animals, some unusually large like the sweeping eagle and long-toothed wolf. Livanian scouts had reported sightings of both over the years. Fulsan was also mostly uninhabitable except for a few fierce tribes. If they were anything like Livanians, then outsiders were not welcome. She decided that it would be best to ride toward Bariny, where she had a better chance at survival.

One problem that she would eventually have to figure out was a way to cross the wide river. She wasn’t looking forward to that. Her other problem was what to do once they crossed into Bariny. She decided there was no use in worrying about those things now. She would take one day at a time and figure things out as she faced them.

Myra lifted her leather purse, which was hanging at her hip near her knife. They were both fastened to her belt. The combined weight of the gold and silver pieces was reassuring. She felt better having the purse on her person, in case her horse ever bolted off with all of her things. Horses could scare easily, so she preferred taking precautions. If that ever did happen, the gold and silver she carried could replace anything she lost.

Livanians bought, sold, and traded with each other, but a law was passed three hundred years ago that, for the sake of survival, everyone worked for the common good. Whatever was necessary for their livelihood was shared. Many officials were overseeing labor and the fair distribution of necessities. If special needs arose, then people could write down their requests for consideration. Part of Nula’s job as queen was overseeing the officials, making sure they did their jobs well. Nula’s strength of character had shone through as she stepped into their father’s role much earlier than anyone had ever anticipated. She made sure that everyone was cared for and those who needed assistance were provided with support. Myra knew their parents would have been proud of her.

Running a country was her sister’s future, but not Myra’s. Her future lay ahead of her. She would face it with the same strength of character that her sister had. Myra didn’t only have her future to think about but also that of her baby’s. “I will do everything in my power to give you a good future,” she whispered assuringly.


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