Sunday, January 24, 2021

My Writing Journey - Part 10

I have an exciting scene to share with you today! You'll find it at the bottom of this post. Myra is riding her "borrowed" mare in the forest trying to avoid the Livanian scouts. Even with her best efforts, she can't avoid them forever. Find out what happens!

Please keep in mind that the sneak peeks that I've been sharing are a work-in-progress, and things may change. You're getting this in its raw state. I have included links below if you missed any of my previous sneak-peeks.

I'll be moving my writing journey over to a website for Wayfinders soon. I hope you'll continue the adventure with me there!

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Myra was pulled out of her emotional thoughts when she noticed the change in the mare’s behavior. “What is it, Girl?” she asked under her breath. Myra continued on high alert, gripping the reigns more tightly.

Something or someone was out there. She kept her eyes peeled in the direction the mare’s ears pointed. Finally, she saw what the mare had already known. A scout was standing, partially hidden with a nocked arrow trained on them.

Vipers! Her heart lurched as the mare bolted beneath her. Tucking her head down and squeezing her eyes shut, she clung on with everything she had.

As blood rushed to her head, all she could hear was ringing in her ears. She missed the twang of the bowstring as an arrow zipped through the air. It lodged into the saddlebag. Had the horse's prey instinct not kicked in, the arrow would've skewered her in the back.

“Blood and mud,” swore the scout as he gave chase.

Myra's riding skills were put to the test as the mare tore through the underbrush and jumped over fallen logs. The horse barely avoided colliding with a tree. Myra’s leg got knocked in the process.

They ran for a few minutes, but they were the longest minutes of her life. When the mare came to a clearing, she slowed. Myra noticed the change in pace and opened her eyes. She guided the mare to a stop and dismounted on shaky legs. Putting her hand against the horse’s quivering withers for support, Myra threw up. Reaching for her waterskin with trembling hands, she saw the broken arrow shaft sticking out of her saddlebag for the first time. The realization that she had come so close to being seriously injured made her lightheaded.

Myra tried to steady her breathing and her frantically beating heart. She became aware of a dull ache in her leg. Then she remembered it briefly getting crushed between the horse and a tree.

When Myra was feeling less shaky, she took a good look around. They had arrived at some ruins, which spread out enough to have once been a city.

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