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My Writing Journey - Part 8

It's the New Year and I am back to share one of my favorite excerpts with you today! It's a scene from Chapter 6. It's Myra's first evening with the Dehndians, a nomadic tribe similar to the Roma. They are more commonly known as gypsies, probably because people thought they were from Egypt. The Roma, however, were originally from India. Please keep in mind that any excerpt I share is still a work-in-progress and things might change.

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Here is a sneak peek of Chapter 6:

A couple of men took the leftover food away from the camp, the dogs trailing excitedly at their feet. Vania saw Myra watching and explained, “They will pour it out on the ground for the dogs.”

The women then lined up to do the dishes. Some began scouring off the food with dirt. Others wiped them clean with hemp cloths. Myra was working alongside Vania. She was surprised at their unconventional method but could see that it was effective. Everyone spoke in Dehndian around her, so she was left alone to her thoughts.

Myra’s ears soon perked up when she heard musical notes coming from a stringed instrument. One of the men was strumming a slow song. “What is that instrument?”

“It’s a lute,” replied Vania. “No one can play it like Kal. He loves that instrument, and we love listening to him play.” Vania said warmly. Myra filed the name away. There were many names that she still didn’t know.

One of the women said something in Dehndian. The others all laughed. Vania explained, “She said that he needs to find a woman to love more.”

Myra responded with an awkward smile. She realized that if she didn’t want to be left out, she would have to start learning Dehndian.

Myra turned her thoughts back to the music. She had never heard of a lute. She liked the sound it made, and Kal played it well. She had been trained on the harp but had left hers back home. It was strange to think that home had once been a castle, considering where she was now. Watching Kal play made her wish for her harp. She planned to buy a harp once she settled somewhere. Maybe I could even learn to play the lute, she thought.

After the women discarded the dirt some distance away and washed their hands, they joined the men. Everyone was standing or sitting in a large circle. A few guys added wood to the coals of the cooking fire. It stood to one side and now blazed merrily. Several leather flagons were passed from hand to hand. “They are drinking hypocras. Do you know it?” asked Vania.

“No,” replied Myra.

“It is a sweet spiced wine. You may have a sip to taste, but not more because of the baby.” Vania grinned mischievously, “I think I missed the hypocras most when I was pregnant and breastfeeding.” On a more serious note, she added, “But, having Zeek was worth it.”

Myra smiled back but didn’t meet her eyes. She focused on her hands in her lap instead. Myra desired to be a good mother too, but regret weighed heavily on her. She felt wretched that her baby would be growing up without a father.

Vania noticed that Myra had withdrawn. She hardly knew Myra, but she could easily sympathize with her. She gave her a friendly bump on the shoulder to break her out of her reverie. Myra glanced back up at Vania and smiled weakly.

Someone began beating on a drum to a faster tempo. Another drummer joined in, and then someone else began playing a pipe. Kal never stopped playing; he merely adjusted his playing to match theirs.

The musicians were just getting warmed up and proceeded to play a lively melody. The others accompanied them with hand-clapping, tongue-clicking, foot-stomping, and spoon-tapping. Myra pushed her sad thoughts away and focused on the moment. There was loud happy energy all around.

Korey, who seemed to have a permanent grin, walked over and grabbed the hand of one of the young women and pulled her to her feet. They stepped to the music, and several others soon joined them in a vibrant dance. Domelo stood and pulled Vania into the circle. Myra smiled at his exuberance. As she watched the Dehndians, she realized that they felt the music with their whole bodies and souls.


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