Thursday, March 22, 2012

Horse Stories - Part 2

Amanda has been picking out books about horses these past couple of days. The day before it was Black Beauty and now it’s The Lipizzaners Share Their Secrets, written by Maureen Dalglish and illustrated by Nicole Houzé. In this book there are eight short stories and so I’ve been reading one a day. The stories are simple enough for my four-year-old to understand and based on real South African Lipizzaner horses.

I don’t think that this book is available at bookshops. It appears to be a privately published book. My mother-in-law purchased a few copies some years back as the book was being sold to help raise funds for these amazing horses. I’ve added two links of interest, one is “Be a Friend” and the other is “The Horses.”

Whenever I’ve read a story to Amanda, she likes to have a turn to “read” it back to me. (I mentioned in the previous post how important this part of learning is for a child.) I loved hearing her telling me about the shy horse, Merlin, in the first story. It would have been so cool if I could have recorded what she had said and posted it here. This is something that I must do in the future. Photos make great memories, but so do recordings. I don’t want to miss these moments.

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