Friday, November 25, 2022

My Epic Romantic Fantasy is on Sale!

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a great one! It was a regular day in South Africa. I was teaching English and Amanda was writing an Economics Management Science exam. It's the end of her Grade 8 year and exam time. I decided to keep things simple by choosing American-themed food instead of traditional Thanksgiving fare. My husband pitched in and his help allowed for the day to go smoothly. We began with blueberry pancakes. For lunch, we had BLT sandwiches, and for dinner KFC. Overall, it was a good day.
Everyone should read at least one feel-good book during the Christmas holidays, and since I decided to put my ebook on sale for a few days, I've made it super easy for you. The Novice by C.A. Morley (that's me!) is on sale until 29 Nov. '22 for only $0.99! If you enjoy Epic Romantic Fantasy, then don't miss this sale. My novel has lots of adventure, several near escapes, sweet romance, and witty banter. Be sure to spread the word or give it as a gift! The paperback version is already available on Amazon. I'm still working on publishing it wide like my ebook.

What people are saying:
“Morley’s debut novel is sweet, heartfelt, and full of twists and turns. There’s a lot of intrigue, with well-grounded worldbuilding and an ending that hints at far more to come!” ~ 5 stars from C.S. Johnson
“Take all these characters, the plot and ensuing events and it’s the perfect recipe for a compelling, engaging tale full of adventure, fraught with betrayal, self discovery, alliances and ultimately love.” ~ 5 stars from Beba
“A clean m/f read in a story full of court intrigue and dynamics of destiny, foretellings, betrayals and healing.” ~ 5 stars from Nic
“I loved the political dynamics just as much as the interaction and romance between characters. Well written and constructed, this has the makings of a wonderful series.” ~ 5 stars from Deborah
“I loved the story in this and how the relationship between the characters developed. So great! Honestly I loved the character growth and how the story ended. I could see myself reading more from this author in the future.” ~ 5 stars from Sarah

by C.A. Morley


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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

A Superhero for Christmas

Marvel hero action collides with Hallmark Holiday goodness in this new superhero romantic comedy by Award-Winning author H.L Burke. Launches November 5th, 2022!

A Superhero for Christmas

When superhero, Glint's, aka Henry Nichols's, powers go on the fritz after a supervillain attack, he finds himself rethinking his priorities. Years of devotion to public service have left him with little for himself, and with forty swiftly approaching, he finds himself longing for his youth on his grandfather's farm. An incognito vacation is just what he needs.

Former reporter Lara Landis lost her career and her only long-term relationship all in one humiliating blow. Broke and rudderless, she retreats to her parents' small town grocery store to try and make one last career rally, but how is she going to get a big scoop living in the middle of nowhere? When a poorly disguised superhero lands in her neighborhood, insisting that he's just a normal guy, she can't help but smell a story.

As their chance encounters turn into a begrudging friendship, Lara is surprised to find a caring, sincere human beneath Henry's press-conference-ready exterior. When the truth comes out, though, her big story could turn into his worst nightmare.

What readers are saying about A Superhero For Christmas:

Hallmark and Marvel got together to have a baby, Superhero for Christmas. An adorable heart-warming cozy read for the reader looking for some superhero charm with their rom-com. ~ Ticia

Christmas, romance, and superheroes...this story lifted my heart up, up, and away! ~ Ernie
Laurence, Jr, author of the Islands of Loar series.

A cozy Christmas rom-com with superheroes… it doesn’t get better than this! ~ Brianna

This story has all of the feels with, thankfully, not a thing that was sappy. This is how I have always wished Hallmark holiday stories were written. ~ Veronica Lynn AKA Mrs. Spellsmith

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About the Author:
H.L. Burke

H. L. Burke has written more books than she can count—because she's written a lot of books, not just because she can't count very high. Easily distracted by shinies, she has published in many sub-genres including fantasy romance, Steampunk, and superhero, and always creates story worlds with snark, feels, and wonder.

Married to her high school crush, she spends her time writing, spoiling her cat, and supervising her two supervillains in training (aka her precocious daughters).

An Oregon native, she wilts without trees and doesn't mind the rain. She is a fan of delicious flavor, a follower of the Light, and a believer in happily ever after.

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