Friday, April 6, 2012

Having fun with Pinterest - Part 1

I recently joined the Pinterest community and never guessed how addictive it could be. I love looking at beautiful things and there’s no end to finding stunning places, spaces and scrumptious recipes to name a few. Awesome pins are a feast to my soul.

I’ve tried two art projects with Amanda that I learned about through other people’s pins on Pinterest. I've already made shaving cream bath paint twice for her to play with at bath-time. I also made sidewalk paint with corn starch and over a couple of days she painted with it outside on the concrete driveway. I would say we’ve had a lot of fun and it makes me feel like an amazing mom who does cool things with her little one.

For the shaving cream bath paint all you need is some shaving cream (not gel) and a few drops of food color. Mix well and now your child is ready to paint the bath or herself/himself. It washes off the bathtub really easily. Use a muffin pan to mix the different colors of paint.

For the sidewalk paint you will need 2 tablespoons corn starch (maizena in S.A.), 4 tablespoons water and 6-8 drops of food color. Mix well and that’s one color finished. If you want more colors, just repeat the process. Use a muffin pan to mix the different colors of paint.

I wish you lots of fun with your kids!

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