Sunday, May 26, 2013

Which Comment System is Best for Your Blog?

When I first began blogging with Blogger, I had the usual Blogger comment system that came with my Blogger templates. I realize some of my blogging friends use WordPress and not Blogger. There is a link for you too at the bottom of the post, so keep reading.

I wasn’t very happy with the limited way that this system worked, so I looked into Disqus and IntenseDebate to see what features they had to offer. In the end, I chose to go with IntenseDebate, mainly because they had the CommentLuv plugin that allows bloggers to immediately access their most recent posts’ permalinks with titles by just typing in their blog’s URL.

I have set my IntenseDebate comment system so that it doesn’t completely override my Blogger system. This way, it won’t erase any previous Blogger comments that were on my blogs. That means that my Blogger system is still set as the default system. It seems that, occasionally, IntenseDebate is off-line, because I will suddenly find my Blogger comment system activated. This is not ideal.

Recently, I had a hiccup with my comment system on my $20 Gift Voucher Giveaway post. I was really peeved. All the lovely comments disappeared that were on my IntenseDebate system and my Blogger default comment system has taken its place. My guess is that IntenseDebate must have gone off-line for a moment and when someone wanted to comment, the Blogger default system automatically kicked in.

So, I began to question again whether or not to install the new Google+ comment system instead. I have decided for the second time not to go this route, because I will lose all the comments that I’ve accumulated with IntenseDebate and because Google+ requires your readers to have a Google+ account before they can leave a comment. This is not flexible. This is forcing people, in a way, to open Google+ accounts who never wanted them before.

I suppose finding the best comment system for your blog is like finding the right spouse. You will hopefully fall in love with one system over the others, but it will come with the good and the bad. So, choose carefully, because you will have to live with your choice.

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