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How to Make Mixed Media

How to Make Mixed Media:
Christmas Symbols Theme

Making mixed media is a fun and easy art project
for the Christmas season. You don't have to be an
artist to make it look good. Some of these items you
will need to buy and some will come from your
Christmas scraps. You can use your own ideas too.

I chose to make a mixed media series on Christmas
symbols and their meanings.

The materials I used were:
Canvas Panel Primed for Oil and Acrylic Painting 9x12" (229x305mm)
my own photos with text printed on regular paper
acrylic paint in sap green, yellow ochre and white
brayer (that's the foam roller or use your fingers)
gold glitter paint
Christmas wrapping paper
Christmas stickers
Christmas card
mod podge
paint brush
and cup of water

You will need to let your canvas dry
between stages. Thankfully the acrylic
paint and mod podge dry quickly.

Here's an example of what you will need.

I mixed sap green acrylic paint with some water to thin it.

I applied the paint evenly over the canvas.
I like to see the canvas texture through the paint.

I applied the mod podge to the area I wanted to stick the paper to
or you can apply it directly to the back of the paper. After doing it
the first way, I later chose to do it the second way from then on.

I pressed the paper down evenly using
a brayer (or use your fingers).

I applied a second coat of mod podge over the paper
to protect it. My paper went kind of see-through after I
did this, so I chose not to with my other ones.

My scrap piece of Christmas card was too bright
for what I wanted, so I painted over it with a thin
layer of white acrylic paint.

 I wanted the large star to shine brightly, so
I avoided painting that area.

I then spread glitter paint with my fingers over my photo image,
but I decided later that it was not to my preference.

I added glitter paint for a border.

The glitter paint didn't work as a border, so
I painted a border with my yellow ochre.

I painted another border with my yellow ochre.

I added some ribbon and a Christmas scrapbook sticker.
I used the mod podge for the adhesive.

Here are my 6 original Christmas symbols
on canvas using mixed media.

Here is an example of my variety of 6 disposable Christmas placemats at the dinner table.

I am selling a pack of 6 disposable Christmas
placemats with one of each inside a pack.
I will take orders until Dec. 4.
They are printed on A4 poster board.
A variety of 6 disposable placemats costs $14
with standard shipping and handling
(overseas shipping included)
and $22 if you buy two packs of 6.

To order:
Contact me via email at

I got my ideas for making mixed media by looking at these sites:
DIY Bluebird Painting by Jenny Hall
Gift Canvases - Think Crafts by CreateForLess
Mod Podge Monday: Mixed Media Tutorial "Freedom", Bird in Cage - A Creative Life

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