Monday, June 9, 2014

Father's Day, #DadBrags, DIY Dad

Father's Day is this Sunday! Many of us have fathers we want to honor. Today I want to honor my husband, Robbie, the father of our four kids. He's a wonderful dad and very present in our kids' lives. That doesn't mean he's perfect.

His favorite word of advice is, "Be quick to say sorry." I think a lot of men never say sorry, but he has been a role model to us in this regard. He puts God and his family first and that is what makes us strong.

His favorite saying - and one that I have begun using myself - is, "What you lose on the swings, you win on the merry-go-round." I think this is often true of life. We win some and we lose some. The trials we face only make us stronger.

He's done a lot of touch-ups and DIY jobs around the home. Some of his skills have been self taught and Google has come in handy. I've watched him lay tiles, plaster walls, install ceiling fans and put in sprinklers throughout the garden.

Today I'm sharing some of his most recent projects. The kids and I jumped in to help here and there too. Our keenest helper is little Amanda, our youngest child. (Her three siblings are all teenagers.) So, today's photos are of my husband, Robbie, the DIY Dad and his little helper.

Sealing the roof

Installing a glass shower

Painting the front entrance

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