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The Dragon Whistler

The Dragon Whistler
by Kimberly J. Smith

About the Book

Willow McLain thinks dragons exist only in fairy tales . . . until she accidentally wakes one from a thousand-year hibernation. Who knew sneaking away from summer camp with her cousin Ben to explore an old abandoned hotel could land them, and their entire town, in danger of becoming dragon flambé? Who could have guessed that the slender whistle carved from bone Willow found in the hotel attic was stolen from a secret order of Dragon Guardians who'd spent the last thousand years watching over seven hibernating dragons? Now, as one of the dragon's "Whistlers," Willow is the only one who can play the magical tunes that control her. Too bad things don't return to normal once Willow lures the dragon back into her den. And when one of the Guardians turns evil, planning to use all seven dragons to control the legendary Dragon Treasure, Willow must wake her dragon again to help protect mankind's only source of hope.

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My Review

The Dragon Whistler is an entertaining story full of adventure, interpersonal relationships, musical elements, magic and, of course, dragons! The main character is Willow, a girl almost thirteen years old and her cousin, Ben, who is already thirteen. At first, they have to learn how to get along. They each have had difficult family experiences and they don't see eye-to-eye, but their adventure in exploring an old abandoned hotel changes all of that.

I loved how the book grabs your attention and sucks you into the adventure from the very beginning. The build up is also exciting. There is a huge battle scene that gets a bit fantastical, however, this could make for good animation or cinematography.

I would highly recommend this book for kids ages 11 - 15.

About the Author:
Kimberly J. Smith

Kimberly J. Smith writes novels for children and is an advertising creative director with 20+ years of experience telling brand stories for companies both large and small. Her passion for storytelling extends into children's literature where she loves to tell tales with a twist on familiar legends--be they dragons, ghosts, or fairytales. A voracious reader of many genres, her favorite stories (both to read and to write) tend to revolve around those that reveal the fantastical hidden within the folds of reality.

Born and raised in Colorado, and a graduate of Colorado State University, she now resides in North Texas with her husband and two sons.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book for my honest review.

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