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Jason, Lizzy and the Ice Dragon

Jason, Lizzy and the Ice Dragon

Book: Jason, Lizzy and the Ice Dragon | Author: Charity Marie | Genre: middle grade fantasy | Pages: 124 | Recommended grades: 3rd – 8th | Core skills: Vocabulary, reading and comprehension, critical thinking, imagination

About the Book:
Jason, Lizzy and the Ice Dragon

After losing her parents in a horrible fire, Abigail finds a magical necklace, and is transformed into a powerful ice dragon. Soon, she realizes her new curse.

Jason and Lizzy are called on by Mother Nature to help Abigail. The only way to end the curse is to find the most powerful wizard of all, who vanished ages ago.


My Review:

Jason and Lizzy are a brother-sister team from the real world who travel through a portal to the land of Lamuria. Here live zany characters like Gary, the talking white turkey, and Jonah, the talking penguin. Together, they must find out what is causing the strange weather patterns while Mother Nature keeps an eye on them. Along the way, they meet Patch, a Jack O' Lantern, who thinks a dragon is the cause of the cold. Some of the team members are too scared to talk the dragon. Will they find out what is causing the cold and will they be able to help the dragon?

This book is a fun adventure for middle grade readers. It teaches friendship and perseverance. I recommend it for boys and girls from 3rd - 6th grade.

About the Author:
Charity Marie

Dragons, wizards, and swords: these are just three of Charity Marie’s favorite things. She loved reading at an early age thanks to the tutoring of a retired teacher. By age 14, she had discovered the magic of writing her own stories and has been doing so ever since.

She is the award-winning author of Jason, Lizzy, and the Snowman Village (2012) and Jason, Lizzy and the Ice Dragon (2016). Currently she’s working on her first adult suspense novel, Arms of an Angel (Book 1, The Angel Deveron series), as well as a young adult novella called How to Adopt a Dragon, and the third book in her children’s series, Jason, Lizzy, and the Luckless Leprechauns.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book for my honest review.

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