Friday, July 8, 2016

Adopting an Adult Dog - Part 5

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When we got Koda, he was a bit underweight. The people at the animal shelter where we adopted him were not too concerned. They have an on-sight vet who did Koda's sterilization, but since the shelter isn't close to us, we took him to a vet in our town to have his stitches removed. Our vet estimated that he's about 5 kilos underweight and suggested that we give Koda puppy food to help him bulk up. She said that we only needed one large bag to do the trick. Since Koda had a runny tummy when adjusting to a new dry food after being adopted, we decided along with the vet to mix the puppy food with his adult food. He is already looking better after a few short days and I think the puppy food was a great tip!

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Benny, Robbie, Koda and Amanda

We knew from the start that Koda walked well on a leash and we knew that he liked people and other dogs. Otherwise, there wasn't much else that we knew about him, because the shelter also didn't know. If dogs could only talk! Although, I might be upset if I learned how he came to be wandering the streets. He's such a nice dog!

Since no one knows his beginnings, no one knows what his real name is, so we've had to teach him a new name. For that reason, we've been cautious to just let him off the leash in case he didn't come back. Now we can let him off the leash and he walks really close beside us and only goes to sniff something a couple of feet away, but he doesn't wander. Not only is that a huge relief, but it also makes him more endearing. We still don't know what he would do if he is loose when other people or dogs are around, so we have tried his first couple of times off of the leash on a quiet dirt road.

Something else we've learned about him is that he seems to understand that the kitchen is mostly off limits and our family mealtimes gets him crazy excited. We don't want to encourage that behavior and he doesn't seem to understand why we're not feeding him from the table. We don't want him to be too confused, so we'll let him stay outside when we feed him until our mealtime is over. We are adding gravy to his dry dog food and, along with his delicious puppy food, he does enjoy his meals more. Benny is getting the same treatment, so he must be thinking that it's pretty cool having this new dog around, because he didn't need gravy to encourage him to eat!

I hope you've enjoyed this little series about our new dog, Koda! If you missed any of it, the other links are below.

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