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Introducing The Path of Zaan Series

Father of Zaan

Father of Zaan (The Path of Zaan Book 0) by [Rieke, C.K.]

About the Book:

Title: Father of Zaan | Author: C. K. Rieke | Publisher: Crimson Cro Publishing | Pages: 32 | Recommended Age: 12 - 18

Book Description:

Adventure. Wonder. Fear. Danger.

The first of his family to leave their hometown in generations, Janos Talabard seeks the adventure of his life. Traveling out into the open lands of Essill, he finds himself truly vulnerable for the first time.

Because of unforeseen circumstances on the road, he must find a way to continue on, or chose to return home in shame.

Father of Zaan is a short story of the travels of Janos Talabard. This tale is of the life he lived before he had his son, Zaan Talabard of The Path of Zaan fantasy series.

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My Review

Father of Zaan is a prequel short story to The Path of Zaan fantasy series. It briefly mentions the adventures of Janos, who is the father of the main character, Zaan. The story seems rushed and the characters one-dimensional. How much time passes isn't always clear. When Janos falls in love, it's instantaneous. I normally enjoy reading short stories, but this one didn't grab me.

The Road to Light

The Road to Light (The Path of Zaan Book 1) by [Rieke, C.K.]

About the Book:

Title: The Road to Light | Author: C. K. Rieke | Publisher: Crimson Cro Publishing | Pages: 337 | Recommended Age: Young Adult

Book Description:

In the land of Essill, a darkness has loomed in the shadows for 999 years. The Forgotten Names of the Gods have remained just that: forgotten. Except for Armoz the Devil King.

Zaan Talabard leaves behind everything in his rural town of Fur-lol to find employment in the industrial castle of Auracity. Along the road, a chance encounter will forever change his life. Endowed with a power he knows nothing about, Zaan soon finds he is being hunted.

Now he must escape from those trying to capture him, and to survive he must learn about the nature of his new power, the Azulūz.

Will he make it in this open new world? Or will he be caught and killed like so many others?

The Road to Light is C. K. Rieke’s first novel, and the first book in the Path of Zaan series. It is a tale of turbulent adventure, new love, youthful hope, and unforgiving loss.

$0.99 on Amazon Kindle

My Review:

When I was reading The Road to Light, it reminded me of a story written for middle grade readers. I could picture a dining room table with a father telling his story to eager children after the evening meal. However, the content is more for new adults with references to drinking alcohol, some swearing and sexuality.

The beginning is a bit slow as the author describes Zaan's home and his parents. He also describes Oscar, Zaan's dog, in detail and then throws in that Oscar might be part Labrador. I felt that it would have been better not to mention a common breed on earth in a fantasy world.

The story picks up pace in chapter 9 when Zaan's adventure really begins. He encounters magic along the road and makes new friends when he finds a job in Auracity, the closest city to his town of Fur-lol. Danger awaits and Zaan will be tested.

The author does a good job describing battle scenes and keeps them in balance with the rest of the story. The reader can easily picture what is happening. However, the love interest was not believable and did not move me.

If you are looking for a new adult easy-to-read fantasy, then you'll probably enjoy this story.

About the Author:
C.K. Rieke

C.K. Rieke

C.K. Rieke’s love of fantasy and storytelling began early, with his deep adoration of The Lord of the Rings and The Dark Elf Trilogy. Even before his teenage years, he was writing short fantasy stories and drawing comic books on lined paper with a ball point pen. In 2006 he was awarded a bachelor of arts degree in Film Studies from the University of Kansas.

Born in Kansas in 1982, Chris Rieke (Pronounced ‘Ricky’) now lives in Lawrence with his wife Rachel, and their 2-5 dogs, depending on the year. When he is not writing and revising upcoming work, he can be found: reading, creating digital art, making websites, running, watching BMX videos, drinking coffee or wine, spending way too much damn time on his phone, and going to the dog park.

C.K.’s fantasy series, The Path of Zaan, follows Zaan Talabard on his adventures in Essill, and beyond.

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Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of both books for my honest review.
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