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4 Christian Fantasy Novels

Last Friday our internet server in the region was down and on Saturday I discovered that the free linky widget that I have been using over the years is no longer available. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause my readers. At this stage there won't be a weekend linky until further notice. Another blogger has already approached me to co-host their "no rules" Wordless Wednesday link-up, which I have accepted.

On a different note, I have 4 Christian fantasy novels to share with you today. Two of them are for free on Amazon Kindle!

4 Christian Fantasy Novels

Firebird - Book 1

Firebird by [Tyers, Kathy]

My Review:

Firebird is the first book in the Firebird Trilogy. This is an exciting science-fiction fantasy. It’s action-packed with plenty of espionage, honor, magic, faith, and romance. It tells the story of Lady Firebird who has been training her whole life to be a worthy sacrifice as her proud Netaian faith dictates. She doesn’t have a future, so falling in love isn’t an option. However, when she is sent on a suicide mission to lead an attack on a neighboring planet, instead of dying like she is supposed to, she is taken captive. She has people who want her dead and one man who has offered her a new faith and a second chance at life. Can Lady Firebird give up everything she believes in to become something else? This was a great read and I’m looking forward to continuing the series.

~ Firebird ~

The Heights of Perdition - Book 1

The Heights of Perdition: A Science Fiction Romance Series (The Divine Space Pirates Book 1) by [Johnson, C. S.]

My Review:

The Heights of Perdition is the first book in The Divine Space Pirates Trilogy. The Christian message comes through strong in this romantic science-fiction adventure series. The story moves quickly and the characters are likable and the dialogues are well thought out. There's plenty of clean chemistry to keep the romantics happy. Without giving any of the story away, I did feel that Emery and Exton were both out of character toward the end. It has a cliff-hanger ending, so be prepared.

~ The Heights of Perdition ~

Thunder - Book 1

Thunder (Stone Braide Chronicles Book #1): A Novel by [Calhoun, Bonnie S.]

My Review:

Thunder is the first book in the Stone Braide Chronicles. It is a dystopian fantasy set in a post-apocalyptic America. The story moves quickly with a good dose of adventure, betrayal, survival, faith, magic, and romance. Selah Chavez is a strong female protagonist who wants to prove to her father and brothers that she can be a valuable asset to the family. When she “catches” her first Lander, the hated humans who sporadically arrive on their shores, she’s certain of her future as a hunter. However, this Lander saves her life and she feels a connection to him that she can’t explain. When her brothers steal her catch, she wants to steal him back. An unfortunate event puts her on the run from her own family and now she believes that the Lander is important to her future survival. This was an exciting read and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

~ Thunder ~

Heart Song - Book 1

Heart Song (Heart Song Trilogy Book 1) by [Williams, Desiree]

My Review:

Heart Song is the first book in the Heart Song Trilogy. This fantasy is full of faith, magic, romance, and adventure. There are several wonderful characters with different magical abilities. They must learn the extent of their powers and work together to help defeat the evil forces threatening their lands. The protagonist is an 18-year old girl named Alanna who discovers a prophecy about herself and learns about her true heritage.

My three complaints are that the girl depicted on the cover doesn’t do the protagonist justice, the story needed more proofreading, and the author should have exercised more restraint regarding Alanna’s magical abilities, which are almost limitless.

If you like uncomplicated fantasy and clean romance, then you’ll enjoy this story. It has a cliffhanger ending, so be warned!

~ Heart Song ~

Disclosure: I purchased Firebird, Thunder, and Heart Song on Amazon Kindle and received a free digital copy of The Heights of Perdition. These are my honest reviews.
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