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2 Children's Books by Hilda van Stockum

King Oberon's Forest
and Penengro by
Hilda van Stockum

Hilda van Stockum was a celebrated and popular children's book author and illustrator who was known for her depiction of family values, as well as her progressive themes of tolerance and compassion for others - themes that remain important in today's culture. Hilda wrote and/or illustrated more than thirty books from the 1930s through the early 2000s.

King Oberon's Forest

Book Description:

King Oberon's Forest is the only fairy tale written by Hilda van Stockum. It is the story of three brother dwarfs, renowned for their bad temper and unfriendliness, whose lives become completely changed after finding and taking in a foundling child. The book has a magical quality and reveals a different side of van Stockum. First published in 1957, King Oberon's Forest is wise, witty and full of adventure. This new edition of the book includes all of the original drawings which were done by Brigid Marlin, one of Ms. van Stockum's daughters, who is an accomplished artist and writer. For children aged seven and over.

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote to a friend that King Oberon's Forest was "charmingly written" and "beautifully illustrated."

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Our Review:

Amanda read two pages of King Oberon's Forest to me almost every night. I helped her with pronunciation and explained new words to her. The story is entertaining for children and adults. Amanda enjoyed the illustrations and made a rule that I wasn't allowed to peek until after she read that page. It's a classic fairy tale about woodland creatures that think and behave like people. There is also an orphaned fairy and three grumpy dwarfs.

Amanda and I giggled often. She understood the dry humor and that made it more fun. Some parts were slow going reminding me that it's geared towards a wider audience, not just children. I asked Amanda what the book teaches. She answered, "Don't be mean. Have lots of friends, because you'll make yourself happier and others happier."


Book Description:

Penengro is an exciting story set in Ireland in which an orphan, Rory, is adopted by a couple because of his resemblance to their dead son. He runs away to escape from this uncomfortable situation, and meets and then lives with a group of gypsies. This book was close to the heart of the author, Hilda van Stockum, as she always sympathized with the outsiders in life. She was also close to nature and had a distrust of machinery, traits shared by the Romanies she wrote about. For children aged 12 and over.

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My Review:

Penengro is a wonderful novel that celebrates the Romani gypsies and their way of life. The story is filled with captivating adventures, admirable characters, and delightful animals. It carries themes that will relate to older children and adults alike. It's both philosophical and whimsical with gems of truths and lively illustrations throughout. The ending is bittersweet.

Disclosure: We received both books as gifts and these are our honest reviews.

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