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Seekers (Mud, Rocks, and Trees Book 2)

Mud, Rocks, and Trees
Book 2

Seekers (Mud, Rocks, and Trees Book 2) by [Denny, R.A.]

About the Book:

Title: Seekers (Mud, Rocks, and Trees Book 1) | Author: R.A. Denny | Pages: 238 | Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy, Adventure

Book Description:

"Bring the seals together in Tzoladia and you will learn their secrets." An intriguing, yet simple quest. But nothing is ever that easy.

Killer monkeys lurk in the woods. Treacherous watchers skulk the underground tunnels. An evil emperor's minions control the archipelago city.

Brina is proficient in archery. Moshoi skillfully wields the swords he crafts. Amanki has mastered sailing. But those skills aren't enough. The three young adventurers must make choices. Choices that mean life or death. Choices with no safe answer.

The Society of the Word has given them tools: wise sayings, moral stories, mysterious prophecies. But their faith will be tested. Will the star guide them to their destiny or lead them to their doom? Who will survive?

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My Review:

Seekers is the second book in the Mud, Rocks, and Trees fantasy adventure series by author R.A. Denny. Follow Amanki, Moshoi, and Brina on their adventures as they are each tasked with bringing an important seal to the city of Tzoladia. They and their companions face dangers from all sides. The ending is kind of abrupt and leaves me wanting to find out what happens next. 

It's a unique series with plenty of suspense and action scenes. Denny does a fantastic job of world building and creating interesting characters. Unfortunately, it's not appropriate for younger readers, because of the violence and some of it of a sexual nature. I would suggest ages 16 and up.

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About the Author:
R.A. Denny

R.A. Denny

R.A. Denny started writing epic fantasy novels when, after watching the first Hobbit movie, she began excitedly spouting off information about C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien’s writer’s group called the Inklings and how their greatest fantasy novels were created. One of her sons commented, “We could do that.” She laughed. Then, he turned it into a challenge.

Her unexpected journey had begun. For several years, she continued her day job as a criminal prosecutor and escaped by night to the world of the Tzoladian Empire. Then, she decided to just do what she loved.

She completed writing her six book epic fantasy series: Mud, Rocks and Trees. The first three books, Refugees, Seekers, and Captives have been released. The next three, Warriors, Dreamers, and Deliverers will follow very soon.

R.A. enjoys ancient history, board games and LEGO. That’s the nerd in her. She rides horses, raised flying squirrels and lives with two cats. That’s the animal lover in her. Oh, and did I mention that she loves a challenge? That’s the adventurer in her.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book and this is my honest review.

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