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5 Clean Romances and a Linky

The Date with Destiny Books by Kellie McAllen are urban fantasy romances (listed under paranormal) with a gentle Christian bent. The last book, Love's Sacrifice by Evangeline Kelly, is an evangelistic Christian romance novella. All the books are perfect for young adults and up. Click on the titles in blue to purchase them on Amazon.

Book 1
FREE on Amazon Kindle

First Date with Destiny: Teen Angel Romance Series (Date with Destiny Collection Book 1) by [McAllen, Kellie]

My Review:

First Date with Destiny is a clean urban fantasy romance about high school seniors, Zeph and Eve. Zeph lives under a cloud of disappointment, because he doesn't know what his gift is even though he's half angel, half human. He is one of the Celestia Divisa, who live relatively normal lives among humans, each with a destiny to fulfill. He notices the beautiful Eve for the first time and thinks she's totally out of his league. Eve has a fascination with the topic of angels, but she's never heard of Celestia Divisa. Zeph thinks that she is one, but if he tells her, she'll probably think he's crazy and he'll be in trouble with the other half angels. The book's main theme is positive self-esteem. It is a feel-good quick read and only 180 pages long.

Book 2
$0.99 on Amazon Kindle

The Blogger vs the Bad Boy: Teen Angel Romance Series (Date with Destiny Collection Book 2) by [McAllen, Kellie]

My Review:

The Blogger vs. the Bad Boy is a clean urban fantasy romance about Zeph's sister, Charisse, and bad boy Jake. Risse is a beautiful half angel, half human on the inside and out. She believes in kindness. When she isn't at school or posting on her beauty blog, she volunteers at an assisted living home. Jake gets assigned community service at the home and Risse has to show him around. Her first impression of him is that he's a jerk, but she gets to see another side of him too. There's a good amount of tension in Book 2.

Book 3
$2.99 on Amazon Kindle

Double the Trouble: Teen Angel Romance Series (Date with Destiny Collection Book 3) by [McAllen, Kellie]

My Review:

Double the Trouble is a clean urban fantasy romance about identical twins, Maddock and Cheydan. They are half angels, half humans and each have their own special gift. Maddock is gifted with generosity and Cheydan with patience. Both boys end up falling for human girls in need of miracles. Will they be able to help the girls in time? There's a bit of a mystery in this story. Book 3 is slower in places compared to Books 1 and 2.

Book 4
$2.99 on Amazon Kindle

Blindsided: Angel Romance Series (Date with Destiny Collection Book 4) by [McAllen, Kellie]

My Review:

Blindsided is a clean urban fantasy romance about Doc Rafe who is half angel, half human. The doctor has the supernatural gift of healing and uses it in small amounts, so that his patients are never aware of his extra help. When he meets and falls in love with CeCe, a blind woman, he's convinced that he can heal her. The problem is that CeCe is scared of doctors and is tired of people trying to fix her. Can Doc Rafe prove his love even when he makes a couple of big blunders? Book 5 deals with disabilities sensitively. Adoption is another theme in the book. I enjoyed this story immensely.

$6.99 on Amazon Kindle or
FREE on Kindle Unlimited
Date with Destiny Collection: Angel Romance Series: Books 1 - 4 by [McAllen, Kellie]

Christian Short Story
$0.99 on Amazon Kindle

Love's Sacrifice: A Second Chance Christian Romance by [Kelly, Evangeline]

My Review:

Love's Sacrifice is a clean Christian romance novella about an elopement that goes south. Fresh out of college Avery is a chef's assistant to the handsome and talented Dean. He doesn't think she has what it takes, but she proves him wrong. The two fall in love and get married before they really know each other. Avery leaves on the third night of their honeymoon with only a note while Dean is asleep in bed. Neither of them are Christians, but Avery used to go to Sunday school as a child. Will they find God and each other in the midst of their turmoil? Even though it's a quick read, it feels like a complete book with plenty of character development and interesting things that happen. 

Disclosure: I got all four Date with Destiny books for free on an Amazon sale. I received an ARC of Love's Sacrifice. All reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links.
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