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The Jester King Fantasy Series by K.C. Herbel

The Jester King Fantasy Series
by K.C. Herbel
The Complete Series (Books 1 - 4)


Book 1

My Review:

The Innkeeper's Son is one of the best fantasy books that I've read in 2017! It reminded me of the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. When I got to the end of the book, I discovered that these authors were K.C. Herbel's inspiration. It was a page-turner of a story with plenty of lively characters and evil ones too.

There are many lighthearted moments following Billy's humorous antics, which are sometimes planned, but often not. Billy's sunny disposition puts many in a good mood, but others want him dead. His naturally trusting manner could put him in peril. I had so much fun reading Book 1 that I can't wait to read Book 2, The Jester!

Book 2

The Jester: The Jester King Fantasy Series: Book Two by [Herbel, K. C.]

My Review:

The Jester is the second book in The Jester King Fantasy Series. Billy is finding his place as the royal jester and friend to the royals, however his joy is short lived. Billy has to navigate the dangers of court intrigue mostly on his own. He has a vision and knows that the princess' life is in danger. He also knows that the king is being poisoned, but no one believes him. He's just a young silly jester. It must be difficult being in his shoes. With the horrors he faces in Book 2, he loses some of his childlike ways and begins embracing the man that he will become. 

Book 3

The Prince: The Jester King Fantasy Series: Book Three by [Herbel, K. C.]

My Review:

The Prince (Book 3) is the darkest of the books in The Jester King Fantasy Series. It's also one of the most memorable. The characters find themselves in intense situations. There are tortured souls and plenty of injustice. Billy is torn between helping his friends and saving two different kingdoms. Evil is loose in the lands and Billy begins using a darker side to magic. Time is running out, but Billy can't be everywhere at once. At least he has friends at his back, but he knows that one of them might as likely stab him in the back!

Book 4

The King: The Jester King Fantasy Series: Book Four by [Herbel, K. C.]

My Review:

The King (Book 4) is the final book in The Jester King Fantasy Series. Billy is still searching for the spellbinder to save Tirn Aill, the kingdom of the fae, while trying to save his dear friend Merrydith from an execution and take back Lyonesse from the usurper Ergyfel and the invading Gwythian army. Billy is facing his own demon besides the ones evil sorcerer Ergyfel summons against him. Billy's small team remains faithfully by his side, but one might be there to kill him.

K.C. Herbel brings this exciting adventure to an end with a satisfying denouement. There are so many wonderful characters in this series that I'm looking forward to the upcoming prequel novella, The Sword and The Rose, about Sir Hugh and Lady Merrydith.

About the Author:
K.C. Herbel

K.C. Herbel grew up in New Mexico, works on feature films in Hollywood, and lives with his family in the woods of Virginia. For more detailed information about K.C. and his works, please visit!

Now that's the official blurb, but I thought you might want to know a little more about me and why I write.

I am very fond of nearly all things fantasy; the way that fantasy draws you in and enthralls your senses in suspense of disbelief. Of course other genres have this ability too, but none speak to my heart like fantasy and science fiction.

My first love affair with fantasy came to me in an old paperback book left behind by my wayward older sister. It was 'The Hobbit' and since then I have been hooked. (I also still own that book!) I did not jump straight into 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy at first and instead picked up C.S. Lewis' 'Chronicles of Narnia', then tried on a somewhat darker lens with Moorcock's 'Elric' series. The next books I remember picking up (meaning the next that had in impact on me) were Magician (and the 6 following books) by Raymond E. Feist & Janny Wurts, 'Lord Foul's Bane' by Stephen R. Donaldson, and 'Dune' by Frank Herbert. It wasn't till after this that I actually picked up 'The Lord of the Rings'. Since then there have been many others to be sure, but too many to name (apologies milords and ladies). What's true is these mentioned here above hold a special place in my heart and I think always will. 'The Hobbit' in particular is very special to me. I suppose it is in part gratitude, as one might feel for a parent, for birthing me into the new and wondrous world of fantasy.

Best wishes and better adventures,

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Disclosure: I received ARC's of each of these books. These are my honest and voluntary reviews.

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