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Validated by Valentine's

Validated by Valentine's
(A Sweet Little Holiday Romance Book 2)

Validated by Valentine's (A Sweet Little Holiday Romance Book 2) by [Schultz, Joynell]

About the Book:

Title: Validated by Valentine's (A Sweet Little Holiday Romance Book 2) | Author: Joynell Schultz | Pages: 139 | Genre: Holiday Romance

Book Description:

Ivory has the perfect man, from his microchip processor to his flesh-like exterior.

Ivory hated that she loved her Christmas gift this year. Her sister gave her the perfect humanoid companion, but there’s just one problem: he’ll never be able to say he loves her, no matter how much Ivory falls in love with him.

Was her dream man a present or a curse?

But when Ethan (Ivory’s Dream Droid) looks at her with those sweet blue eyes and secretly earns enough money to enter her in the city-wide bake-off, she realizes she doesn’t care. He’s hers. And that’s the best gift of all.

Ivory's perfect world falls apart the closer she gets to the bake-off. It starts with a lost entry and Ethan having a few programming malfunctions, then she discovers someone's deliberately sabotaging her. What started out to be a dream Valentine's day, begins to turn into a nightmare. A large supportive family, a caring artificial companion, and the best cupcake recipe in the world might not be enough to uncover who's setting Ivory up to fail.

Grab your copy of this sweet little holiday romance and help Ivory solve her Valentine's Day cozy mystery today! This story will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy (and baking a batch of cupcakes!)

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My Review:

A Cozy Mystery With All The Feels!

In Book 1, Ivy orders the perfect Dream Droid (Ethan) for companionship, but finds him to be too perfect. When she realizes that she has fallen in love with the man who created the droid, she decides to gift him to her sister Ivory, but only after having a few adjustments made along with wiping a couple of days off his memory drive.

Now, in Book 2, Ivory has Ethan all to herself in her tiny apartment and he's everything she wants in a man. Does it really matter that he's a humanoid and does she care if other people accept him or not? He's very attentive and wants her to be happy, but the adjustments in his program are causing some trouble in their relationship. Will Ivory send him for another tune-up or will she accept him the way he is? Then there's the problem with the bake-off and it looks like someone is sabotaging her work. Will Valentine's Day turn into a bust?

I liked Book 2 better than Book 1. There were more feels and great chemistry. This is a fairly clean romance with a mystery. I received an eARC of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.

About the Author:
Joynell Schultz

Joynell Schultz

Joynell Schultz manages the family zoo (literally!) and writes romantic speculative fiction in her (nearly non-existent) free time. She's a pharmacist by training (boring!) but prefers to hang out with zebras and bears or some imaginary characters.

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