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Romano Family Series Books 5 and 6

Kiss Me at Midnight

Kiss Me At Midnight (Romano Family Book 5) by [Whitney, Lucinda]

My Review:

Kiss Me at Midnight (Book 5) is a fabulous romance that isn't easy to put down. It has characters that will stir your heart and it will make you sigh happily with just enough suspense to keep the story moving.

Filipe Romano is the new owner of SoliMar beach resort, which comes with an aquarium that isn't making any money. He has plans to fix it up in order to sell, but when he finds an old childhood sweetheart that he left behind years ago working there, he begins questioning his plans.

Celeste Ferreira knew Filipe growing up, but hasn't seen him since her brother's funeral. She was a teenager then, but now she's a single mother and works at the SoliMar Aquarium. Life has been hard, but she keeps going with a positive smile for her son's sake. Becoming reacquainted with Filipe brings a whole gamut of emotions her way, which complicates her life further. She wonders why he left in the first place and he struggles with having to face the past.

This is a clean romance and another wonderful edition to the Romano Family series. Each story is a stand-alone, written in chronological order.

Marry Me at Dawn

Marry Me At Dawn (Romano Family Book 6) by [Whitney, Lucinda]

My Review:

Marry Me at Dawn (Book 6) is my favorite book and the final one in the Romano Family series! The story is a page-turner, which gets so intense toward the end that my heart was pounding! It's a well-thought-out marriage of convenience that had me rooting for both Damian and Gabriela. The characters are memorable, even though I did want to hit Damian upside the head when things started going downhill. Gabriela and Claire are wonderfully written. Baby Claire is a good introduction for soon-to-be parents with all the sacrifice and joy that babies bring. Luke is an awesome friend and he needs his own romance story!

It was good that cultural differences and challenges were briefly noted. There were a couple of quick scene changes, but one was particularly abrupt when Damian's mom takes Gabriela shopping. I was hoping that Gabriela would be able to put some of her advertising expertise to good use in helping Damian, but things never went that direction. I would have liked to have seen more of the Romano cousins. The epilogue felt a bit rushed with naming off Romano family members.

Even though this is a clean romance, there is sexual tension between Damian and Gabriela. Those parts were fun to read, but I would suggest that it's better suited for older teenagers and up.

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About the Author:
Lucinda Whitney

Lucinda Whitney

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