Friday, January 31, 2020

The Sorcerer's Quest and More!

Three Gaslamp (Steampunk) Fantasy box sets that are on sale for $0.99 each! I have previously read books by all of these authors and I highly recommend their work. I also own all three series, but I have only read the Sorcerer's Quest and have included my review below.

Sorcerer's Quest

Sorcerer's Quest (Complete Trilogy): An Epic Fantasy Completed Trilogy by [Baldron, NAK]

Sorcerer's Quest on Amazon
for only $0.99!

My Review:

Wow! This was my first introduction to Nak Baldron's writing and he's a great storyteller! I got so caught up in his characters and their stories, especially orphan Ren and his mentor Brandon, that as soon I finished Book 1, I picked up Book 2, and then bought the box set when it went on sale, so I could read Book 3!

Orphan's Price is a fitting title as Ren has to count the cost to have a chance at a better life. He doesn't have the type of intelligence that is prized in his part of the world, but he has magic, which is prized in other lands. Life for Ren isn't fair and bullies make it almost unbearable for him, but Ren doesn't give up.

The second book introduces two new people, a girl who must become the new clan leader and her young champion. I got so caught up in Shaya and Akio's characters that I went on to read Salt and Steel that tells Akio's story!

Ren is totally out of his element in the Sapphire Nation, but I'm looking forward to watching him grow and become a formidable force. In this book his magic doesn't get used. Perhaps he should have had some time to practice, even if only in his room. Brandon, on the other hand, gets to shine in his own way back in the Pearl Nation.

We continue Ren's adventures in the third book. Ren, Shaya, and Akio are young adults who have left childhood behind a long time ago, although Ren is still the gentlest of the three. In this story, we also get to know the royal twins, Adaku and Abaze, and what has made them who they are today when they're at the sorcerer's trial. Ren is languishing in jail and worried that he won't even make it to the trials! The question is, if he does make it, will he be ready?

This episode has lots happening with many good scenes. It was a little choppy in places like when switching POVs, but it’s such an interesting story that I didn’t mind having to reread pieces. I definitely want to find out what happens next!

Spellsmith & Carver
Spellsmith & Carver: The Complete Boxset by [Burke, H. L.]

Spellsmith & Carver on Amazon
for only $0.99!

Agents of the Crown

Agents of the Crown (The Complete Series: Books 1-5): An epic fantasy boxed set by [Buroker, Lindsay]

Agents of the Crown on Amazon
for only $0.99!

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