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Marie’s Big Adieu

Marie’s Big Adieu

Marie's Big Adieu: A story of moving away from a friend. by [Rittershaus, Tamara]

About the Book:

Title: Marie's Big Adieu | Author: Tamara Rittershaus | Illustrator: Giulia Iacopini | Publisher: PenMagicBooks LLC | Pages: 20 | Genre: Picture Book

Book Description:

A stunning keepsake book of friendship, moving away, and starting new.

Moving is hard, especially when you leave your best friend behind. When Marie moves from the country to the city, will she have to say goodbye to her friend forever?

A rhyming story of friendship for anyone who’s said a “big adieu”.

Marie’s Big Adieu acknowledges the fear and grief of those “big goodbyes” and validates the child’s struggles in new situations.

The beautiful illustrations and poignant poetry will connect to the heart of any child who has moved away from a best friend. A perfect gift for a family moving with children, ex-pats, immigrants, or anyone who’s said a “big adieu” to a best friend.

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My Review:

This is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book about a child, named Marie, living in a cross-cultural environment. Marie is happy and well-adjusted, but she discovers that her dad has a new job and they have to move. Leaving her best friend behind is the hardest. As you follow along the lyrical script, you will find out how she copes with change.

Here's a peek inside:

Best friends

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