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Ninety-Nine Signs

 Ninety-Nine Signs

Book Details:

Title: Nintey-Nine Signs | Authors: Elisheba Haxby and Jesse Vincent | Pages: 359 | Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

My Review:

Ninety-Nine Signs is a contemporary Christian romance that shows the gritty side of life and its pitfalls without being preachy. I found this angle refreshing. It was more honest than many squeaky clean Christian romances.

Tamara has her vices. One of them is cigarettes, and she's running away from another failed relationship. Her car breaks down across the street from the Highway 99 Diner. Joe is the diner's short-order cook who comes to help. She ends up getting a job waitressing there. Every time Tamara sees the number 99, she thinks that it must be a sign. She hopes it will lead her to better things, but as time passes, she becomes disillusioned.

God speaks to Tamara through dreams, signs, and people she meets, but she doesn't always understand what He's trying to say. It doesn't have a complicated plot, but the story held my attention because the characters were so real. I especially like how the theme of listening to God gets woven into the story, not just with Tamara, but with others too.

I received a copy from the publisher, and this is my honest and voluntary review.

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