Saturday, February 11, 2012

Choosing a Name for this Blog

Once I decided that my daughter, Amanda, would be enough of a topic to keep me blogging for a long time, I needed to decide on a blog name.

The idea came to me one afternoon when Amanda and I were lying down for a nap. Her routine at naptime and bedtime is to take books and dolls or stuffed animals to bed with her. She asked me to read to her from one of her chosen books. I wanted to tell her no, that I was too tired, but then I decided that one book couldn’t take too long. It was a toddler’s book after all. Of course, this made her so happy that it was worth it.

If I was going to write a blog about Amanda, then I’d have to write about the things that are important to her – hence the name, “Amanda’s Books and More!”

In this photo Amanda has just turned 2 years old. She's opening up her birthday presents and is holding her new book, Barney: My First Book of Colours.

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