Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing Your Child to the World of Books

One evening, when I was putting Amanda to bed, I gave her the library book that she had picked out. She reminded me not to turn the light off and I answered, "Of course I won't turn it off, you're going to look at a book."

This was in the days before she could pronounce the letter "L.” She replied, "I'm going to READ, not going to YOOK. READING is not YOOKING!"

We were on holiday when I took this photo of my three girls reading.
Just the other day, my eldest daughter was reminiscing over the times when I read to the three older kids at our old house. She remembered how we all gathered on the double bed for story-time. (I remember my son often preferred the floor, because space was an issue.) We actually went through the entire Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. I read them in chronological order beginning with The Magician’s Nephew.

Today, I’m fortunate to have three strong readers out of my three older kids. Even though Amanda isn’t old enough to read yet, that doesn’t stop her. Every day she looks at books.

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