Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Kitten

We have been so sad not having a kitten in the house, that we adopted another one yesterday. The lady had three kittens and was giving two of them away. We got the last one. We've named her Sheela and it means "musical." Amanda came up with the name all on her own and Samantha decided on the spelling of it after looking it up in my baby name book.

Our new kitten has had her vaccinations and de-worming medication, but she's not used to people. She's a bit wild, which is not what we were expecting. However, she's very cute and we all love her. Since she is a bit scared, we decided to make her a little home inside a box, a place to feel safe.

These first two photos of her were taken yesterday evening outside. She climbed onto our windowsill after climbing halfway up a tree. She seems to like it there, because she went back there today. The third photo is of her little make-shift home inside our house.

We are still hoping and praying that Tabitha will return home to us.

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