Friday, January 10, 2014

Make My Saturday Sweet - Blog Hop #64

I'm participating in two great Friday word prompts.

The topic on Friendship Friday is the letter, "A".

A stands for my most Active blog, Amanda's Books and More!

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My kids: Jessica, Samantha, Amanda and Jeremiah

A also stands for my new shop on Etsy, called Alli Flair.

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Finish the Sentence Friday

The sentence to finish this week is:
"If I had a million dollars, I..."

...would give money to people who are making sacrifices to try and bring a better life to unwanted babies/children. I just finished reading two articles on Facebook about an aged man in Seoul, Korea who is doing just that, by offering a safe and anonymous way to young unwed women to put their unwanted babies in a cushioned box in a wall of a building. They receive about 5 babies a week this way, but the government is not helping them to do more for these abandoned babies, but wants them to stop altogether.

The authorities in Seoul think by having a safe drop-box system for unwed moms who will otherwise throw their babies away, because of cultural pressure, is encouraging young people to have sex outside of marriage. South Koreans have a very conservative culture and this problem is being swept under the carpet instead of being handled.

I realize that babies are being abandoned and children are being neglected around the globe. I would like to do my part to help. I've also always wanted to adopt. Having a million dollars would make a lot of things like adoption a possibility.

I would also use some of that money to help with my kids' education like college tuition. And, I would put money into my blogs, my eBook, and my new Etsy shop.

Happy Moms, Happy Homes
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