Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Sunday!

I wanted to wish everyone another Happy Easter, in case you didn't see my post on Thursday. We didn't have much in terms of decorations last year, because the stores in our part of South Africa don't stock decorations. The big thing here are chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs.

I wanted to create an Easter basket in 2013, so I had to buy green Christmas tinsel to create the look of grass. That prompted me to ask my mom in the States to buy some Easter things once they went on sale, especially the grass, since we were going to visit her that summer.

The colorful grass, cardboard bunny egg holder, and Easter toys are from her. The chocolate bunnies and eggs are from our shops in South Africa. The tall hand-made bunny in the bottom corner was made by Amanda at school.

I find that decorating helps put people in the mood. It certainly made this year feel more festive. The best part is that my in-laws are spending Saturday and Sunday with us before they have to go back to work. Sunday morning we will all go to a fellowship service and after that Amanda will get to have her much anticipated Easter egg hunt that her Nanna (Grandma) is organizing.

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Jesus is the King of Kings
He is our everything
He is the Great I Am
He is the Son of Man

By His stripes we are made whole
He can fill the empty soul
And shower us with gifts from heaven
He is the Bread without leaven

He overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb
Though he was still the Great I Am
He also suffered as the Son of Man
So that one day we might say, “I can!”

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