Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stray Cat Rescue and #WW #Linky

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Samantha found a stray cat in the drain outside our house last week. We gave it some water and a bit of tuna fish. The poor thing was very thirsty and hungry. We only gave it a tiny amount of tuna as I didn't want to give it a tummy ache.

At first, we weren't sure if it could move, but after drinking the water, it surprised me by coming out of the drain and rubbing its body around my legs. It's a very friendly cat, so I think it must have belonged to someone once upon a time.

I noticed that it was very bony, but its coat was surprisingly clean. I also noticed a claw had grown into the paw.

I phoned the Animal Welfare Society and they came and rescued the cat. It went first to the vet. The claw was trimmed and removed from the paw. It didn't have any other injuries except for being terribly malnourished. The vet put the cat on a special energy boosting diet. It's now at our local Animal Shelter and waiting for adoption. We went to visit it on Saturday, but we won't be adopting since we already have two cats.

Samantha holding the cat at the shelter


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