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Bugaboo-Bee's Bop Book Review

Bugaboo-Bee's Bop: Patience for the Prize
Book 2 in the Fable Springs Parables
by Kathryn Ross

Bugaboo-Bee's Bop Cover 
Book Title: Bugaboo-Bee's Bop: Patience for the Prize
Series: Fable Springs Parables (Book 2)
Author: Kathryn Ross
Illustrator: Noah Berge
Publisher: Pageant Wagon Publishing
Ages: 6 - 12
Grade Level: Grades 1 - 6
Pages: 48
About the Book:

Book 2 in the Fable Spring Parables Series explores the theme of finding contentment in the waiting seasons of life, sweetening it with patience, until the “thyme” of honey. Inspired by a reflective quote from the classic writings of Frances de Sales, contemplating the work of bees “amid the banks of thyme.”

Bugaboo Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize: In the honeycomb hives at BeeHaven Towers, Bearnardo the Beekeeper has his paws full with a beehive of busy workers turned upside down by one of the new born “new-bees.” Bugaboo-Bee wants to do the bee-bop dance and gather pockets full of pollen like the grown-up bees. But, it’s not yet her time, to bee-buzz amid the banks of thyme, in Mary Contrary’s gardens. With a “‘buzz-a-whack” and a “zippity-zoo” young Bugaboo-Bee tries to lead before she has learned to follow. Chaos ensues! Will the herb gardens in Mary Contrary’s gardens ever be the same again? What must happen before Bugaboo learns to make sweet patience, with contentment, while waiting for the prize?

This entertaining tale is told in lyrical rhyme with plenty of swing and musical rhythms to keep children of all ages “bee-bopping” along to quality biblical life lessons learned.

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My Review:

Bugaboo-Bee's Bop: Patience for the Prize is a rhyming story that can be easily enjoyed in a multi-generational family. Amanda (age 8), her great-grandmother, and I had the pleasure of listening to the entertaining audio track while looking at the delightful illustrations. Kathryn Ross, the author and talented storyteller, is accompanied by the All Ireland Fiddle Champion, Haley Richardson. The illustrations are brightly painted in watercolor and pen by artist, Noah Berge.

Amanda liked the way Kathryn told the story and the accompanying fiddle. She liked every time when Bugaboo-Bee went "Buzz-a-Whack! Buzz-a-Whack! Zippity-zoo!" She also liked the illustrations, the lesson in the story, and how the beekeeper calmed the bees.

The message is clear enough for a child to understand with plenty of interesting tidbits that can be further explored. Some of the more difficult words are explained at the end of the story to help a younger audience. Here you can also find some fascinating facts about bees, the beehive and beekeeping. There is also a section dedicated to reflective thoughts and discussion questions.

Kathryn Ross has taken great care with every beautiful detail in Bugaboo-Bee's Bop: Patience for the Prize and it deserves five stars. Her well-crafted story is able to delight all ages. I highly recommend it for children, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and teachers.

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Fable Springs Parables Series:

back cover author photo
Author: Kathryn Ross
Illustrator: Noah Berge

About the Author

Kathryn “Miss Kathy” Ross inspires a love of God through the power of story, delighting family audiences in Southern New Jersey. She ministers literacy and Christian living principles in schools, churches, women’s groups, and at community events. Trained in Principle Approach Education®, Miss Kathy has taught in Christian and home school settings, in addition to serving the church in various leadership capacities over the past three decades.

Miss Kathy’s inspirational works and discipleship tools have been developed through the years, designed to enrich multi-generational audiences—because teaching and learning and good stories are for children of all ages! Hardcover picture books, paperback devotionals, Christian living titles, e-book format study guides, and theatrical plays are some of the literary works currently in production at Pageant Wagon Publishing.

Miss Kathy blogs at The Writer's Reverie. Learn more at Pageant Wagon Publishing.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book and a link to the audio version for my honest review.

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