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The SockKids Stop a Bully

The SockKids Stop a Bully
by Michael John Sullivan
and Shelley Larkin

About the Book:

Title: The SockKids Stop a Bully | Authors: Michael John Sullivan and Shelley Larkin | Illustrator: Alexandra Gold | Genre: Children's Picture Book/Social Issues | Number of Pages: 56 | Publisher: Insider's Report, Inc | Publication Date: June 7, 2016

Book Description: The SockKids focus on educating children and adults how bullying affects us all and what we can do about it.

Do you know where your socks go when they go missing in the washing machine? Well, the SockKids know! The SockKids are a mismatched family of socks that sometimes time travel through the spin cycle, teaching universal lessons of love and kindness, and focusing on creating a greater awareness of the many social issues that children are faced with today. The SockKids help to educate and encourage children from 2 to 92 to find solutions in helping to make this a better world.

In this story, Sudsy and Wooly discover their human is being bullied at school and team up against bullies with Ethan’s newest friend, Olivia. They discover bullying hurts everyone and staying silent is not an option.

More Inside! Children’s counselor and licensed therapist, Jamie Ross, gives adults and children guidelines on how to handle bullies.

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Originally this book was called
The SockKids Say No to Bullying

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Our Review:

Amanda with her new SockKids book,
SockKids socks, and SockKids T-shirt.

The SockKids are a variety of mismatched socks who go on adventures and sometimes even time travel. They not only teach us to accept people's differences, but also to celebrate them. In their latest book, The SockKids Stop a Bully, we learn that reading is cool and that bullying isn't. We also learn the value of working together and helping others.

The illustrations are bright and friendly. Amanda giggled when we got to the place where one of the socks was rolled into a ball to help distract a scared kitty stuck in a tree.

The story's message is clear and there are plenty of points that can be discussed further in a classroom environment or at home with your kids. At the end of the story are guidelines to help adults and children on how to handle bullies by a children's counselor and licensed therapist. There is even a quiz to test your child on the right responses in different situations. Amanda enjoyed taking the quiz with her big sister.

I highly recommend The SockKids Stop a Bully for boys and girls ages 7 - 11.

Quiz inside the book:
What Should I Do If I Get Bullied?

This is another SockKids adventure that I enjoyed reading with my daughter, Amanda. Our last review was in 2011 and you can read it at The SockKids Meet Lincoln.

About the Author:
Michael John Sullivan


Michael John Sullivan is the creator of the SockKids. Constantly searching for his socks, he wondered whether the missing foot comforters had found another pair of feet to warm. Before his interest in socks, Sullivan started writing his first novel while homeless, riding a NYC subway train at night. Sullivan returned to his subway notes in 2007 and began writing Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness (Simon & Schuster, Gallery Books imprint). Library Journal named Necessary Heartbreak one of the year’s best in 2010. His second novel, Everybody’s Daughter (Fiction Studio Books, 2012) was named one of the best books of 2012 by Sullivan has written articles about the plight of homelessness for, The Washington,, the Huffington Post, and America Online’s service.

Disclosure: We received a free copy of the book, a SockKids T-shirt, and SockKids socks. This is our honest review.

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