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Bear with Bear

Bear with Bear
by Hagit R. Oron

About the Book

Title: Bear with Bear | Author: Hagit R. Oron | Illustrator: Galia Armeland | Pages: 31 | Recommend Age: 6 - 9

Book Description

Nine-year-old Bear is set on having a critter as a pet. After failed attempts to adopt beetles and snails, he has to settle on a book with pictures of bugs. This is a great opportunity for him to annoy his little sister, Penelope, who is afraid of bugs.

When his parents decide to bring home a cat to help Penelope with her nightmares, Bear helps Kitty find her wild side. As a consequence, Penelope’s nightmares get even worse!

Over-tired Mom is about to give in on the snake debate, which seems to be a perfect solution for all, but Bear has other plans...

Read how Bear manages to get his dream pet and what inspired the author to write this entertaining and beautifully illustrated picture book suited for kids ages 6-9 years old, especially those craving a pet. Any pet.

This book features a novel storytelling technique that combines fiction with non-fiction. This diverse children book tells the story of a wild nine years old child who is set on having a wild critter as a pet, it also takes the reader on an interactive journey behind the scenes of the fiction story.

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Here's a peek inside...

My Review

Bear with Bear is an unconventional picture book that is entertaining and nicely illustrated. Amanda and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's about a 9-year-old big brother named Bear who wants a pet. He doesn't want the usual kind of pet like a cat or dog. He wants critters or a snake instead!

His little sister, Penelope, struggles with nightmares and Bear isn't much help. His critters even cause a bit of chaos and he encourages the new kitty to behave like a wild cat. The parents have to try and find a way to bring a happy balance to the home.

The book is interactive. Some of the pages give you the opportunity to find out if this part of the story actually happened in the author's life. Amanda really liked this feature. There is also a link where you are invited to write and tell your story to the author.

We highly recommend this book for children ages 6 to 9.

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