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Introducing the Keeper Chronicles and Win an eBook!

Introducing the Keeper Chronicles Series
& Win A Threat of Shadows eBook!

A Keeper's Tale

A Keeper's Tale: The Story of Tomkin and the Dragon by [Andrews, JA]

About the Book:

Title: A Keeper's Tale | Author: JA Andrews | Pages: 163 | Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Book Description:

Tomkin Thornhewn, youngest son of the Duke of Marshwell, has a problem: he’s not heroic.

Regardless of his aspirations, the bookish, untrained young man is better suited to recording the deeds of heroes than being one himself.

Which becomes an obvious problem when he finds himself clinging to a ledge above a sleeping dragon. And instead of wielding his family’s great sword with valor and skill, he drops it—onto the dragon.

The problem grows immeasurably worse when Tomkin himself falls off the ledge—also onto the dragon.

And his problem reaches its peak when Tomkin, after being captured, discovers a maiden locked in a tower. But this is no sweet damsel. Not only does she refuse to be rescued, she refuses to even admit she’s in distress.

It’s too bad for the people of Marshwell that Tomkin is the only thing standing - or falling - in the dragon’s way.

JA Andrews introduced the world to the magic-wielding, world-saving, story-telling Keepers in A Threat of Shadows. Now you can enjoy one of the Keeper’s most beloved tales: The Story of Tomkin and the Dragon, in this engaging, lighthearted novel.

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My Review:

A Keeper's Tale is about the hilarious misadventures of Tomkin in "Tomkin and the Dragon." The damsel in distress doesn't want to be rescued from the dragon and Tomkin isn't a hero. He can hardly hold his sword, let alone wield it. This is a descriptive story with engaging characters, lively adventures, and a touch of romance for good measure. A Keeper's Tale is a companion story and can be read before or after Book 1. It's referred to as a well-loved story in A Threat of Shadows, the first book in the Keeper Chronicles.

A Threat of Shadows

A Threat of Shadows (The Keeper Chronicles Book 1) by [Andrews, JA]

About the Book:

Title: A Threat of Shadows | Author: JA Andrews | Pages: 452 | Genre: Epic Fantasy

Book Description:

When Alaric’s beloved wife is poisoned, he uproots his life as a Keeper and sets out to find a way to heal her. Along the way he befriends magical characters — and encounters an ancient evil that stands between him and a cure.

Alaric was a Keeper; a good man, protecting the land with knowledge and magic, until his wife was poisoned and he betrayed everyone and everything to save her — only to fail.

Now Alaric has one last chance at a cure, but it's buried in an ancient stone. To find it, he'll need the help of an enigmatic elf, a crotchety dwarf, and a bumbling wizard. However, Alaric isn't the only one seeking the stone; an old evil stirs, and one of Alaric's companions will betray them all.

The task would be nearly impossible for a Keeper; so what chance does the shadow of a former Keeper stand?

Alaric must find the strength to become the man he used to be, cure his wife, and save the world from the looming shadows — but he cannot have all three. Which will he sacrifice?

Join Alaric in a land of magic, elves, and the occasional dragon as he is forced to make impossible sacrifices to save everything he knows.

A Threat of Shadows is the brilliant introduction to the magical world of The Keeper Chronicles, a new epic fantasy series by JA Andrews. Fans of Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, and Terry Pratchett will enjoy this unputdownable noblebright tale.

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My Review:

A Threat of Shadows is not a typical fantasy story with an essentially good hero or heroine who finds true love. It's not even a coming-of-age story, but it's still appropriate for young adults to read. The only elements of a typical fantasy are the elf, dwarf, and wizard. The rest of the story takes several unexpected twists and turns, keeping it new and interesting.

Love for his wife has driven Aleric, a tarnished Keeper, to do despicable things in order to try and find a cure before it's too late. With all the sacrifices that he has made, he still finds himself running out of time and options. He also has to make tough choices and many past choices have left him with regrets. He ends up joining a motley crew as they learn to work together toward the same goal. At least that's how it seems, but nothing is ever that simple.

This is the first book in the Keeper Chronicles and I'm looking forward to reading more from this talented indie author, JA Andrews.

My Favorite Quote from
A Threat of Shadows:

"If you don’t want to be a Keeper today, then don’t be one.
But if the only thing holding you back is choices you made
in the past, well, those choices are done. Let the past inform
your choices today, but don’t let it rule them."
(Page 248 Kindle Edition)

How JA Andrews began writing her first book:

My husband was out of town for an entire month and bored every evening. So I made it my goal to send him a chapter a night, just for pure entertainment. I think I ended up writing only about 10 chapters, but I liked them so much that even though I let them sit on a computer neglected for years, the characters and the story kept calling me back. Eventually I pulled them out again and decided to finish the story. It turned into my first novel, A Threat of Shadows. And those early chapters are still some of my favorites.

Win A Threat of Shadows eBook!

JA Andrews is giving away a digital copy of her book, A Threat of Shadows, to one of my lucky readers. Just answer the question below by leaving a comment and your name will go into a draw.
Question: What's the best book that you've read this year?
The winner will be announced on Friday the 6th of October on my weekend blog hop post.

About the Author:
JA Andrews

JA Andrews

JA Andrews is a writer, wife, mother, and unemployed rocket scientist. She doesn't regret the rocket science degree, but finds it generally inapplicable in daily life. Except for the rare occurrence of her being able to definitively state, "That's not rocket science." She does, however, love the stars.

She began writing stories and creating coloring books because these sorts of things need an outlet. And now good markers are a deductible business expense.

She spends an inordinate amount of time at home, with her family, who she adores, and lives deep in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, where she can see more stars than she ever imagined.

Disclosure: I purchased A Threat of Shadows and received a free copy of A Keeper's Tale. These are my honest reviews.


  1. Well, I haven't had much time to read for myself lately, and have lots of unfinished books in my to be read pile... But my toddler has Loved hearing How to Track a Truck, and gets these great giggles that make it so worthwhile reading to him instead of myself for a while. This book sounds humorous, and we could always use a good laugh, so thanks for the contest here! šŸ˜Š

  2. The best book I've read this year is actually two - the Six of Crows duology! Such clear, fantastic writing, strong character development, epic fights, and amazing plot.

  3. This sounds like something my son would love!

    The best book I've read this year. Hmmm. I'm going to go with Gladiator by Jonathan Brazee. Some great worldbuilding, and a very satisfying story. Military sci-fi doesn't always portray women well, but Brazee did a fantastic job of it.

  4. This book sounds absolutely hilarious! What fun! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

  5. My favorite book this year was "Raven's Dream" by E.K.Edstrom. But be sure to read the first book "Thief of Sparks". Fast paced, superbly written and gripping.

  6. The Aliomenti Saga. I downloaded your book and look forward to reding it.

  7. I finally decided to read A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas and it was by far the best book I have read this year. ~Melody

    1. Hi Melody! Congratulations, you won the draw! Please send us your email address so that JA Andrews can email you a digital copy of A Threat of Shadows.

  8. I liked A Game Of Thrones, by George Martin. I'm a little late in reading it though!

  9. Called by Dragon's Song by Nikko Howell.

  10. So far the best was The Neighbor Next Door - I could wait to see what happens

  11. Excellent creation, I love this cover, You post is so good.


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