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2 Christian Romances in the California Elite Series and a Linky

Collision of Wills
(California Elite Book 1)

Collision of Wills: An Opposites Attract Christian Romance (California Elite) by [Kelly, Evangeline]

About the Book:

Title: Collision of Wills (California Elite Book 1) | Author: Evangeline Kelly | Pages: 219 | Genre: Christian Romance

Book Description:

A snobby rich girl meets a rough around the edges artist. Can two people from completely different worlds come together?

Alexa Covington lived in a wealthy community in Malibu, California. She liked pretty boys, shopping, and trips to the spa with her posse of mean girls—in that order.

Dylan West wanted to be an artist, but he felt confined to a life painting houses instead. Despite the fact that he longed for something more, he was determined to follow the path his father set out for him.

Back in high school, Dylan had a crush on Alexa, but he moved on. When their paths crossed years later, she barely remembered him.

One night, after volunteering at a teen center, Alexa walked to her car alone and was nearly assaulted. Dylan came to her rescue, and the two were forced to spend time together in urgent care.

An unlikely friendship ensued and feelings grew despite their differences.

Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t walk away from each other.

Dylan made Alexa rethink everything about her life of privilege.

But when her mother threatened to cut her off if she didn’t leave Dylan, Alexa was forced to make a choice. Continue living the entitled existence she’d always known or choose another path, one that would change her world forever.

Maybe, just maybe, love would find a way.

This is a contemporary Christian story of redemption that takes the characters on a journey as they count the cost of the Christian life and learn to treasure Christ most of all.

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My Review:

Collision of Wills is a great young adult love story with just enough drama and feel good moments to keep it exciting. Alexa has recently become a Christian and is learning what things are important to God and what things are temporal. Her mother is driven by worldly gain and stands in her way. Dylan has been a Christian a long time and doesn't trust Alexa's motives as he's known her since high school and had a secret crush on her. His dad wants him to focus on painting houses and starting a family business, but he has another dream for his future. Can these two young adults find their way ahead and find love too?

Things that I would change: 1) some moments were cheesy, like some of the scenes that Dylan painted, 2) the word "snickered" was used 24 times, and 3) the ending wrapped up too perfectly.

The Ruthless Billionaire
(California Elite Book 2)

The Ruthless Billionaire: A Clean Billionaire Romance (California Elite) by [Kelly, Evangeline]

About the Book:

Title: The Ruthless Billionaire (California Elite Book 2) | Author: Evangeline Kelly | Pages: 209 | Genre: Christian Romance

Book Description:

He needed to marry one of the women on his father’s list. She wanted to find her missing brother. Neither of them counted on falling in love.

Lucas Armstrong didn’t believe love existed. He was a ruthless man, ready to follow in his father’s footsteps. When he received an ultimatum to marry one of the women on his father’s preapproved list or risk losing his inheritance, he set out to win over a self-absorbed socialite, vacationing in Kauai.

He wanted a marriage in name only so he could take over his father’s empire. Separate lives. No love. No attachments.

When Aria Dasher accepted a position cleaning Lucas’s house in Kauai, she had no idea she would fall for him. She was there for one reason only: she needed to save enough money to hire a private investigator. After she and her brother, Chase, were separated in foster care, he ran away and hadn’t been seen in four years.

Aria had to keep her eye on the goal and couldn’t allow any distractions in her life. She was determined to keep Lucas at arm’s length, and he was equally determined to push her away. A connection developed that neither of them anticipated, one that drastically changed everything.

But Lucas would have to do the unthinkable in order to be with Aria. He would have to give up his inheritance.

And then there was that one issue with the secret he held. Once Aria found out, it would rip apart their relationship before it even had a chance.

This is a contemporary Christian story of redemption that takes the characters on a journey as they count the cost of the Christian life and learn to treasure Christ most of all.

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My Review:

The Ruthless Billionaire is definitely my favorite book by Evangeline Kelly that I’ve read so far. It was well balanced with all the “feels” and drama and, as always, sharing the Christian faith in a natural way. The story follows the life of Lucas Armstrong who tried in the first book, Collision of Wills, to destroy Dylan's reputation and convince Alexa to marry him. He's ruthless and no one feels sorry for him in Book 1. Then in Book 2, we get to understand Lucas as we learn what drives him to do what he does. He's not as big of a schmuck as we were first led to believe. Now we can root for him and hope that true love will win in the end.

Check out my review of
by Evangeline Kelly

About the Author:
Evangeline Kelly
Evangeline Kelly is the pen name I use to write contemporary Christian romance books. I married my husband (my perfect bad boy hero) in my early forties so I understand the longings of a single woman desiring love, as well as the contentment and sweetness of marriage.

And now, a little bit about me. When I was a kid, I had two dreams. One was to work with at risk youth and the other was to write books. After pursuing my passion of working with foster children for over twenty years, I finally decided to pursue my childhood dream of writing. My grandma kept all of my short stories in a box as a keepsake, and I read them occasionally when I need a good laugh. Not only do I love to write, I enjoy the pleasure of sitting down with a good book. Being a voracious reader, I've always said that a good book is way better than any movie or television show!

I've witnessed suffering in my line of work, but I've also witnessed God's redeeming love. A good Christian romance features both hardship and delight. My hope is that my stories not only entertain, but encourage, and most of all, that they bring glory and honor to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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I received an ARC of each book. These are my honest and voluntary reviews.


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