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The Magic of Friendship Snow

The Magic of Friendship Snow

The Magic of Friendship Snow by [Cann, Andi]

About the Book:

Title: The Magic of Friendship Snow | Author: Andi Cann | Pages: 32 | Genre: Picture Book

Book Description:

Making friends is hard! Once you find a friend, how do you BE a friend?

For every child who struggles to make friends and parents who try to show them how, this book celebrates the special bond between friends.

Jojo looks around and everyone seems to have friends but her. She feels sad and lonely. Then, Jojo meets Puddles, the snowman made with magic friendship snow.

Jojo will reassure children that friendship can be learned. Discover how Jojo makes a forever friend by reading this book.

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Our Review:

The Magic of Friendship Snow is a gorgeously illustrated picture book about the difficulties of making a friend and having to say goodbye to a good friend. Even children can feel lonely at times. In this story, Jojo gets help from a snowman and ends up making a friend with a pet and a neighbor child. One day the neighbor has to move away. Saying goodbye can be sad, but Jojo passes on the magic of friendship snow to help her friend when he gets to the new place.

My daughter, Amanda (age 10), and I really enjoyed the illustrations and we think that this book teaches an important lesson about making friends. We feel that this is a wonderful story for boys and girls ages 5 to 8.

About the Author:
Andi Cann

Andi Cann

Andi's early life in the Midwest part of the United States was rich with books, reading, and library visits. Nancy Drew was one of her best friends! Mrs. Gladieux, the town librarian, encouraged her love of reading, and allowed her to check out many more books than allowed! Andi's stories are about children learning to embrace their uniqueness, find friends, or stand up for themselves. Andi's memorable characters include Mr. Hoopeyloops, Alabama Oh, Jojo, Puddles, Rex, Rory the Elf, and MerryLyn, with many more on the horizon.

Disclosure: Amanda and I own this book from Amazon Kindle. This is our honest and voluntary review.

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