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Britfield and the Lost Crown

Britfield and the Lost Crown

About the Book:

Title: Britfield and the Lost Crown | Author: C.R. Stewart | Publisher: Devonfield Publishing LLC | Pages: 361 | Genre: Historical Fiction | Recommended Ages: 9 and Up

Book Description:

Enter the World of Britfield: Adventure, Intrigue, Conspiracy, Mystery, and Suspense!

Tom has spent the majority of his life locked behind the cruel walls of Weatherly Orphanage, but when he learns that his parents might actually be alive, Tom is determined to find them. Together, with his best friend Sarah and armed with only the word "Britfield" as a clue to Tom's mysterious past, the two make a daring escape. Now, they are on the run from a famous Scotland Yard detective and what appears to be half of the police officers in England! The hunt is on, but will Tom and Sarah be able to evade capture long enough to solve an even bigger conspiracy that could tear apart the country?

Multiple Award-Winning Britfield and the Lost Crownby C.R. Stewart, is the first book in a thrilling seven-part series based on family, friendship, loyalty, and courage that is written for pre-teens, Y/A, and readers of all ages. Britfield and its heroes, Tom and Sarah, take readers on an epic adventure as they travel across England. With its stimulating language and stunning historical and geographical asides, Britfield engages the reader from the very first pages and doesn't let go until it reaches its exciting conclusion!

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Our Review:

I recently finished reading Britfield and the Lost Crown by C.R. Stewart to my youngest child, Amanda (age 11). The story begins with Tom and Sarah trapped in an orphanage where the children are exploited and deprived of an education and proper nourishment. Sarah remembers life before being an orphan, but Tom has spent most of his life as one and doesn't really remember much else. He only has one clue about his past and that is the name Britfield. While Tom and Sarah are on the run across England, they see neat places and meet interesting people. Their adventure takes them to London, but it doesn't end there!

Amanda says that the story gets more exciting once Tom and Sara escape the orphanage. She really liked the twist at the end. She thinks that it will make a great movie! I agree with her on all points. I also liked reading about the historical sites.

Things that could have been better: the orphanage scene was exaggerated and slow going, and sometimes there were too many words or a strange choice of words were used to describe how they said things.

Disclosure: Amanda and I received a Kindle copy of this book. This is our honest and voluntary review.

About the Author:
C. R. Stewart

C. R. Stewart

C. R. Stewart is a twenty-year veteran of film and media production, global strategy, and international marketing. He is a prolific writer, producer, creativity specialist, international consultant, and prominent speaker who has seen, firsthand, the dramatic decline in creative problem solving and human ingenuity.

In response to this decline, C. R. founded the prestigious Devonfield, an innovative company dedicated to redefining how the world engages, educates, and influences the global, young-adult audience. Utilizing the highest quality in film production, publishing, education, and technology, Devonfield will transform how children and young adults learn, grow, and advance.

C. R.'s Britfield & the Lost Crown is the crucial first step in Devonfield's educational movement to inspire creativity and critical thinking in children and young adults. This important book will be followed by four additional Britfield books with plans for an accompanying major motion picture series.

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