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Happy Moms, Happy Homes

Happy Moms, Happy Homes
Empowering Moms to Live in Victory
by Christina A. Morley

About the Book:

Title: Happy Moms, Happy Homes | Author: Christina A. Morley | Pages: 174 | Genre: Christian Inspirational

Book Description:

Feeling Stressed-Out, Left-Out, or Maxed-Out? Don't Miss-Out! During times of stress, loneliness, financial difficulty, or whatever troubles life may bring, moms can still lead a victorious life in Christ. This book is sympathetic to moms and the challenges they face, offering tools to overcoming their obstacles. With heart, wisdom, and understanding, Happy Moms, Happy Homes offers mothers of all stages advice and direction as they walk with God and share his love with their children and others.

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An Excerpt from Chapter Six:

One thing I’ve come to realize about us moms is that we are quick to take care of our kids and slow to take care of ourselves. It’s also possible to neglect our husbands when we’re so concerned about our children. We may think that if we sacrifice our own needs all the time that we’ll build a perfect home where everyone is blissfully happy. The truth is that until we get our priorities in the right order, we’ll all suffer for it.

I was a stay-at-home mom for about four years. It was hard being restricted to the house for most of the day. Raising demanding and crying tots almost full-time drove me crazy. I was stressed out of my mind and very unhappy.…

If you feel guilty about spending time on yourself, then remind yourself that God’s love for you is greater than the greatest love you could ever have for your children. Of course, He loves your children with that same powerful love. Therefore, He doesn’t want you to neglect yourself. Sometimes you have to deny yourself for your family’s sake, but if you do it all the time then your family loses something very valuable, and that is you! Your family needs the real you with your personality, not a robot! Remember, God loves you for who you are and not for what you do.

Christina with her husband and four kids

Christina A. Morley is the author of Happy Moms, Happy Homes. She’s also a blogger, volunteer reader at the Blind Institute, and co-founder of Light and Life Bible Ministries along with her husband.

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