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Forgotten Magic Anthology

Forgotten Magic Anthology

Forgotten Magic (Magic Underground Anthologies Book 3) by [Melinda Kucsera, Joynell Schultz, Lee French, H.B. Lyne, Raven Oak, Alesha Escobar, Tiffany Shand, C.S. Johnson, Anela Deen, Erik Kort, Devorah Fox, Stephen Wallace, Gwendolyn Woodschild, Leah W. Van Dinther, Barbara Letson, C.K. Rieke, William C. Cronk, Majanka Verstraete, Toasha Jiordano, H.M. Jones, AR Johnston]

Book Description:

In the first two Magic Underground anthologies, our heroes faced the seen, the unseen, and the wayward in order to save us all. These same characters now find themselves in a continuing world of trouble because as we know, life can be dangerous!

Forgotten Magic (Magic Underground Book III) concludes these characters’ stories in a breathtaking way as they face betrayal, family, and of course, magic. The stakes are deadly and growing deadlier by the moment! Inside you’ll find stories about:

  • An all-inclusive ren-faire with an enigmatic man who plans to destroy it all
  • A missing, teleporting chimera in danger of becoming someone’s lunch…or worse
  • An open portal that rains magic upon our world, meaning it may already be too late to save
  • A weakening magical spell that could lead to a reign of danger and chaos
  • An heir and an apprentice who must prove their innocence to keep their nation from plunging into pandemonium
  • A sister who must convince herself she’s enough to save the Earth from the wicked…after all, she’s all the Earth has
  • A woman who must choose between the mother who abandoned her and those who deserve her help
  • And more!

Authors in this anthology include: USA Today Bestseller Joynell Schultz, USA Today Bestseller Melinda Kucsera, Seattle Times regional bestseller & multi-international award winner Raven Oak, Tiffany Shand, Alesha Escobar, USA Today Bestseller Lee French & Erik Kort, H.B. Lyne, Anela Deen, Majanka Verstraete, C.K. Rieke, Devorah Fox, Leah W. Van Dinther, C.S. Johnson, Barbara Letson, Toasha Jiordano, Gwendolyn Woodschild, H.M. Jones, Stephen Wallace, AR Johnston, and William C. Cronk.

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My Review:

I'm reviewing The Mail-Order Witch Episode 3 by Joynell Schultz in the third anthology, Forgotten Magic. This is the final story and a happy conclusion. The overarching mystery of who has been sabotaging Ettie’s reputation and store gets solved. In this cozy magical mystery someone has been tampering with Ettie’s orders for magical items. Stock isn’t being delivered and her orders are being changed. The usual suspects are on her list, but then some new information leads to Ettie adding two people that she trusts! She’s trying to figure out her identity as an individual while also being a newly married couple with Roman. Her store takes most of her time and attention, which doesn’t leave much room for her marriage. Will she figure out how to balance owning a store with being married while catching a saboteur?

I'm also reviewing the short narrative serial “The Ones Who Choose” by C.S. Johnson in the Forgotten Magic anthology. This is part 3 and the conclusion to a heart-wrenching story. It’s possible to read it as a standalone as C.S. Johnson manages to catch you up in a few sentences. After Aidan helps Skyla save a boy bound by Bloodmagic, their utopian society begins falling apart rapidly. She couldn’t have predicted the terrible consequences that follow her act of mercy. Why would the boy that Skyla saves want to go back to his life of suffering? Is the benefit of having a utopian society worth it? Skyla must make a decision before things get worse. I didn’t expect the ending and it almost left me tearful!
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About the Author:
Joynell Schultz

Joynell Schultz

Joynell Schultz manages the family zoo (literally!) and writes romantic speculative fiction in her (nearly non-existent) free time. She's a pharmacist by training (boring!) but prefers to hang out with zebras and bears or some imaginary characters.


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C.S. Johnson

C.S. Johnson is the author of several young adult novels, including sci-fi and fantasy adventures such as the Starlight Chronicles series, the Once Upon a Princess saga, and the Divine Space Pirates trilogy. With a gift for sarcasm and an apologetic heart, she currently lives in Atlanta with her family.

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