Thursday, September 10, 2020

Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers!

Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers!

The Covid-19 pandemic has flipped the world on its head and adjusting our lifestyles has been challenging, to say the least, especially for kids. It has also made clear who we should consider true Heroes — those who sacrifice their own safety for the sake of others. The Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers! story highlights these hard pandemic-related issues, “softened” through rhyme, and encompasses the pandemic experience through a child’s eyes, validating their feelings in a tangible way.

To offer a more personalized experience for the readers, the six Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers! books are not a series, but diverse versions of the same story; you choose the version or versions which align with your or a child’s preferences for the main characters and their families.

The books aid a child’s understanding as to why things have changed, how to adjust to the “new normal,” and reinforce the ways to comply. Through vivid, visual depictions of how germs spread, and the basic “dos and don’ts” that help protect themselves, people they love, and ultimately — heroic workers — they become Hero Helpers! The books feature those essential workers (be sure to check the end papers!), school from home, being social virtually, and the positive aspects of stay-at-home and “stay safe” living, along with a surprise “fun” activity.

All versions of Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers! (38-page ebook/40-page paperback) on Amazon and Apple Books, (with the B&N 52-page paperback with additional back matter coming soon).

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My Review:

Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers! are books of identical stories illustrated with different children. The idea is to choose the book that your child will identify with most. This story helps kids to have their feelings expressed while also empowering them. It's obvious that this author has many years of experience when it comes to children's books because she nailed everything perfectly from the content to the rhyming and illustrations! Every home and classroom with kids should have one or more of these books. There are free downloads available too!

I received a digital copy and this is my honest and voluntary review.

About the Author:
Donna Marie

:Donna is a proud and blessed mother and grandmother, and as a woman of love, hope and faith, she has loved stories since the first time she held ARE YOU MY MOTHER, THE CAT IN THE HAT and MADELINE in her hands. Passionate about storytelling in all forms, the wonder of words and pictures in books has long inspired her to tell stories of her own. As a small voice amid the glorious chorus of book creators, her hope is to add some small measure of value and joy for her gracious readers. And all of this while doing her best not to consume more “goodies” than good books! :D

You can follow :Donna on Twitter and Facebook, and her Writer Side UP! and Creativity “Cookbook” blogs, and Pippin Pals at, Twitter and Facebook.

COMING SOON: 2 more inclusive versions of Pippin Pals are Hero Helpers! by family type.

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