Sunday, February 28, 2021

Cut to the Heart

Book Blurb:

All Josie Framer wants is a man with fire magic—and to find the truth-knife that’s rightfully hers.

However, neither of these quests is going well.

After her latest date-turned-disaster, she's almost ready to give up—when she happens along the blade on the way home. Unfortunately, reclaiming her property makes her target of the Arcane Market, a nefarious underground trafficking ring for magical artifacts and magical beings.

To make things worse, she keeps running into Oliver Salamandras, a dangerously attractive fire elemental who’s on the run from his own hunters. Getting involved with him means more trouble. Plus he has enough baggage for an aircraft carrier.

If only he wasn’t just what she's looking for--right at the worst possible moment.

Faced with deadly foes and an irresistible stranger, a woman might just do something crazy.


My Review:

Cut to the Heart by Janeen Ippolito is Book 1 of The Arcane Market Adventures. It is a two-book companion duology to The Steel City Genie urban fantasy series - a series within a series. It also has references to The Accidental Alien Romance Chronicles, taking place after My Alien Boyfriend and before My Alien Engagement. All of that might sound confusing, but the author does take the time to introduce some of the characters before jumping into Josie's story, who we first meet in The Steel City Genie series. Ippolito likes mashing things up and writing quirky characters. Her stories are fast-paced and laced with plenty of humor. It's good fun romantic fantasy with some deeper moments. This one has a strong Christian message in it too.

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About the Author:
Janeen Ippolito

Janeen Ippolito believes you should own your unique words—and make them awesome! She’s a multi-published author of bestselling fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. She’s also an experienced editor and marketing strategist, plus the head of Uncommon Universes Press, a publishing company with award-winning books. In her spare time, she helps her missionary husband with his youth swordfighting ministry, indulges her foodie ambitions, reads whatever books she feels like, and explores a slew of random hobbies. Her life goals include traveling to Antarctica and riding a camel while wearing a party hat. This extrovert loves to connect! You can follow her on the links below:

Disclosure: I received an ARC. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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